Monday, September 10, 2012

It would be fine without passengers

The photo shows Gwenyth and PK.

Gwenyth has just been told that she has been given 100 demerit points for not leaving her crutches in an aesthetically pleasing position in her cabin.

PK is removing the offending articles from the sight of Captain Mart and Miss Elly before they confiscate them.

Notwithstanding that Captain Mart is barking mad - we had a lot of fun aboard the Miro – and laughed a lot – but of course only in our cabins where we retired with a bottle of Jameson.

We are not sure of the state of Miss Elly’s mind as communication is not her strong point and she usually communicates with a grunt – or a series of grunts if she is particularly animated.

But we were glad to leave and spend a couple of quite days in Maastricht without having to worry about where we should put our underwear.

We had – of course - come from Ireland where things are decidedly more laid back than on the Miro.

PK was born in Ireland and lived the first part of his life there until – for a number of reasons which cannot be revealed in public – he was encouraged by the opportunities offered elsewhere to go abroad.

He knows not only every town in Ireland but also every pub - and took us on the Guinness tour of the byways of counties too numerous to mention – or indeed be remembered.

We stayed in B and Bs and met some fascinating landladies all of whom were eager to share their lives with us.

Naturally at night the odd glass or two of Jameson Whiskey was needed to enable to us to face the rigours of the ordeal ahead.

It is a wonderful country and one of our favourites.

Oh and what do Captain Mart and Miss Elly do all day?

They clean – and wash – and scrub – and polish - the Miro to within an inch of its life. It is clearly the most important thing in their lives and they just hate it being cluttered up with passengers.  


  1. Maybe someone needs to slip a little Jameson into Capt Mart's cabin. Might loosen him up a bit.

  2. A Guinness tour! How fun!

    I did some web surfing on Captain Mart and everyone says the same things about him, well, except for one person whom I sure is either a relative or someone he paid :)

  3. I wiLL have to try something Guinness-y sometime soon ....

  4. Perhaps you could use the experience and write a TV series called "Fawlty Cabins" or something similar??

  5. Just caught up on blog reading. Holy hell. Have you guys not learnt anything from the Italy bike experience in 2010?? Sounds suspicisouly like a repeat performance (from the photo I could swear some of the same passengers are on board). Poor G. I know how she feels to go head first into the weeds, although at least I was well oiled when I had my stack after that lovely lunch in Soave. Safe travels. Llamaxx

  6. Wanderlust: I am not sure about that - he is very highly strung - but is sure worth a try.

    SK Waller: On a positive note - he treats everyone the same way.

    esbboston: I wonder if it available in Texas?

    Sandy: I could use Captain Mart as the technical advisor.

    Rachel; Hello gorgeous. Well we will look out for reviews before we do our next trip.