Tuesday, December 20, 2011

They will be so drunk they will not care

What a gorgeous day it was in Vienna today. So beautiful that I was compelled to take photos of ducks in Stadtpark – to add to my extensive collection.

While Cate slaved away at work Gwenyth and I walked through Stadtpark and up into the Wollzeile where our first stop was Berndorf to buy Oven Mitts.

Gwenyth had found mine wanting – in that they did not protect your hands from the heat.  An important issue – not mitigated by the rooster motifs.

We accomplished this and then on to Kiehls in Tuchlauben to buy body lotions for Christmas presents. I am not a great fan of these products because I reckon that most of this stuff is just based on sorbolene which costs about €10 per litre with scents and junk added and the price multiplied by a factor of 50.

I have very dry skin and use Nivea which costs me about €6 for a large pot.

However – to show that I can also be gulled I must admit that I do use Kiehls Facial Fuel which is supposed to restore my face to its former glory – which of course it will not  - and I bought a tube of this without looking at the price and when I got home discovered that it was €44.

Stiffen the lizards.

The major victory of the day was in the knife department.

I have two very good German knives and one fabulous meat knife - but this was hand made by Cate’s father many moons ago and cannot last much longer.

So I have been looking for a good knife block – a replacement meat knife, a bread knife and some utility knives. Lo and behold they had just what I wanted in Berndorf in a set. The perfect block with all the knives I was missing.

This and a Sacher Wurstel at Café Diglas and the morning was perfect.

Wednesday is dinner party day so will be rather more stressful.

I have decided that I will not make my soup early. I did a trial run of my leek and potato soup when Cate was away last week and it was just awful.

So I will make it in the afternoon. But I am not going to try to do the Asian vegetables with the honey lemon chicken – I am going with an Austrian variation.

And I am going to try to get everyone so drunk early that they just don’t care.

I have some fabulous Austrian red wine – the best there is. It knocked their socks off last year and it will do the same this year. And for dessert wines I have some of the best I have ever tasted. And Anzac biscuits - and lamingtons – and pavlova.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun shopping day! Hooray on the knife block find. it's always nice when you find just what you're looking for somewhat unexpectedly. good luck w/ wednesday's dinner! it'll be great! : ) it's always great w/ wine... heh!

  2. So sorry to hear about the soup. But I can vouch for Austrian reds, some of the best ever.

  3. My wife made one of the "required meals" my visiting younger son and his wife, macaroni and cheese, and then also chicken fried steaks. I wound up making a BBQ chicken sandwich. This is my second horribly tough bird out of that one bag of breast meat, and someone else made the first one. I have found the tenderloins are reliably better. Of course Cooper didn't mind, chicken is chicken to him.

    I am glad you found some knives. I seem to have everything I need in the knife department.

    So I gather Cate has made it safely back to Wien?

    Off to find coffee and Béné, and tackle the wife's dirty dishes.

  4. We wait with bated/baited breath for your report on the dinner party. I'm sure it will go off without a hitch, just don't trip over one of the drunks when you bring out the pav. Here's to a cracking Christmas and a fabulous New Year to you and yours.

  5. Sounds like a great meal - can't wait to hear how it went ! And, that everyone doesn't have too bad a hangover tomorrow.

  6. My son makes a fabulous potato leeky soup with which he serves an onion cheese bread that is just terrific.

    Have a great time!

    P.S. You went to my fave places!

  7. carmar76: It was a nice surprise Thanks

    fmcgmccllc: They were a real surprise to us!

    esb: Sorry about your chickens. yes cate is back.

    Sandy" Reported today.

    Me: They were all surprisingly well behaved.