Friday, December 9, 2011

These are large lumpy men

Well it has been a difficult process but I think I have settled on a fairly classic leek and potato soup for the entrée – but with some slight variations.

While Jamie Oliver can be a bit prattish he has some great ideas and his leek and potato soup with carrots and celery looks really good so I shall try this during the week while Cate is away to make sure it works.

Incidentally the place to where Cate is going is considered to be so dangerous that one of the US lawyers – who was supposed to go - has pulled out for fear of his own safety and Cate is being accompanied by members of the Ducky Pharma Global Security Team.

These are large lumpy men who used to work for the FBI or CIA and can kill people with one blow of their massive fists. Or so I am told – having never seen one. But I can imagine.

Cate is of course made of sterner stuff and has no fear. She is taking Vegemite and one smear of this will render an attacker helpless and incapable of further action for at least 24 hours.

The beauty of this (potato and leak soup) is that it is almost impossible to cock it up so whatever you produce will be edible and even if it is really strange you can say stuff like ‘this is my special version of leek and potato soup with Bavarian snap weed and it may not be to everyone’s taste’ and they will just go along with it.

For the main course I have decided on a hybrid-variation of Bill Granger’s Honey Lemon Chicken. But I am only starting with his recipe and then will use my own variations. We have had this before and the last time it was a howling success.

My problem is that I may not be able to replicate this under pressure. But Gwenyth will be here and she is as steady as a rock! And Pizzeria Grado is just next door in the event of a Goat Fuck of epic proportions.

The secret ingredients in many of my recipes are Tridosha spices. These are absolutely brilliant and complement any dish. They do not ship overseas so whenever Gwenyth visits us she carries a couple of kilos of this stuff for us. It is just magic.

So while Cate is battling the nests of writhing vipers in the nether reaches of her empire I shall be testing recipes – in the hope that she will return to sample my delights.

And no it is not Afghanistan. 


  1. Well, here's to a howling success and hopefully you won't be the one howling.

    Ah, Vegemite, might just go have a smear right now. Smearing is the secret of course when trying it for the first time. Many people slather instead of smear.

  2. I bet its Jersey, New, at night near murky water.

    I am making my wifey White Chili. Its Campbell's Bean N Bacon soup, plus tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and chicken. I boil the chicken in Tabasco Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, gralic powder, onion powder and black pepper. We cook the chopped J peppers on the side and add to each bowl as desired. We put some of the water of the J peppers in the big pot of soup.

    Back to cooking and B juice of Normandy.

    WordVeri of The Day: tranctie - the correct kind of neck tie to wear when you are going to be put in a trance, especially in public.

  3. Honey Lemon Chicken sounds alright!
    I might give that a crack.
    I cook Nigella's slow-roasted garlic and lemon chicken with regular monotony - it's very yum.

    Tridosha looks kinda interesting too - I've never heard of them before.

  4. You know what?
    If your pav. goes south and turns out a bit dodgy - mix it all together and call it Eton Mess!
    I made some a while back - it's very good for hiding mistakes!

  5. Like Esby I am thinking Jersey, Camden, oh yea.

    Menu is sounding wonderful.

  6. I would eat that menu like it ain;t nobodies business. x

  7. Sandy: Yes a slather can be overwhelming ever for a veteran.

    esb: Now there is something that I love to eat in 'merica and have never tried to make. I should give it a try. And how is Mrs B? And no -it's very hot - how could it be Joisey?

    freefalling: You should try Tridosha. Quite wonderful. I would call it Vienna Mess!

    esb: Yes we know what you meant. Gralic powder is completely different as in the search for the Holy Gralic.

    fmcgmccllc: No not NJ: It takes 18 hours to fly there (with connections)

    Mrs Woog: You are most welcome - mew can add a chair.

  8. That's sneaky, it could take 18 hours to fly anywhere, it just depends on how goood or baad your airline isn't. Hah, you know how well I like puzzles.

    Mrs B be doing pretty fine, sticking to the agenda, progressing very nicely, I will tell her you asked about her.

    Looking forward to seeing how your dinner comes out ...

  9. Oh, I forgot to mention that I found a Tridosha website where  you can order things, just not sure if its the same stuff or their shipping limitations. I saw that it was an Aussie based company.

    PO Box 82 Bangalow
    NSW 2479
    Phone / Fax : (02) 66 872 819

  10. simon: lol - no not THAT far

    Rachel: lol - no not THAT dangerous

    esb: You could be enveloped by the name.

    And yes it is the correct Tridosha site. My problem is they do not ship overseas.

  11. "enveloped by the name", I was totally confused for several seconds, then -bing- ah, I got it! -> "M"

  12. esb: I knew it would take you about 2 seconds.

  13. I'm a little slower than that, it took about seven seconds.