Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hello Texas

Our Christmas Table 
So this below is what the turkey legs looked like when they were deboned and stuffed. The sauce was made with limes, red onions, garlic, ginger and chicken stock.

We served these for dinner with Merisi together with my leek and potato soup which I had supplemented with bacon. The deboned legs were not terrific – but were adequate. I think in retrospect that we should have added some spices.

On Christmas day we added the spices and these were wonderful and we had these with caramelised onions.

In the morning we went to Stadtpark to feed the ducks with some cranberries with which Merisi had provided us when she came to dinner. I regret to say that they evinced no interest  whatsoever. A hooded crow picked up two but spat them both out. The ducks came nowhere near us.
Stuffed Legs

We had some fabulous Austrian Sauvignon Blanc for lunch – which actually took place at 5:00 PM:

I coordinated this with Ernest Boston – as arranged. He advised:

I had a turkey sandwich with toasted bread and pepper jack cheese, and for dessert Butterfinger candy bars with milk. Cooper had turkey!’

So we have arranged the first coordinated Christmas lunch between Austria and Texas. I drank a special toast to Ernest Boston who I count as a special friend who I have not yet met. 


  1. That is a very nice picture of your table. Sorry you had bad luck trying to feed the birds; are they usually that particular? I am ending my day with a Bénédictine and a mild headache. It was an overall enjoyable day with plenty of the usual hilarity from the children while they opened presents. Due to some problems our turkey and dressing day was postponed until Monday, so today was BBQ chicken for the meal with the family. I shared your pictures and dinner story with my family. Our weather was just cold with a little smow, a dusting, but it was 6-8 inches just a few miles down the road, so we must have been on the edge of the edge of the storm plus one mile. Cheers!

  2. esb: I thought they would eat anything! No sign of snow here. Bright and sunny and mild.

  3. Early this morning I made my no bake cookies that have alot of the same ingredients as the Anzac biscuits, plus cocoa. When my son made his batch a couple days ago he forgot the coconut, so mine were vastly superior.

    Word Veri: anjarco - almost the Australian word for their big giant hopping bunny looking creature with pouch. At first I thought it was angaroo because the jumbled letters had the c and o almost merged.

  4. gorgeous table and apartment- it makes me miss ours! Merry Christmas!!

  5. Very nice table!

    And looks like a very nice view over beloved Vienna

    :-D Dominik

  6. Beauty table, I loved it.
    The food looks so delicious!
    Merry Xmas

  7. esb: Coconut makes all the difference

    TNDW: We are very lucky with our apartment

    D.Lux: We have a fab view:

    Gaviota: It was a very special meal