Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Things are almost back to normal

I have a bit of catching up to do. It has been a bit hectic here as Cate arrived back from Johannesburg and there were masses of housekeeping issues. Things are back to normal – almost. But not for long.

Firstly – I bring you very little Austrian news these days because not much happens – but here is one for you.

Damn that Obama!
“A horse was freed after getting stuck between trees.

The mare was trapped between two spruces in a forest near Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Lower Austria, yesterday (Sun). Hikers discovered the animal. They rubbed its body with moist earth and water so it could free itself but called the local fire brigade when the plan flopped.

Fire fighters used a cable winch to free the unharmed horse. They did not say who it belonged to and whether they found out how it ended up between two trees.”

I am sure that a thorough investigation will reveal the truth. I am guessing that the horse walked between the two trees rather than being fired there out of a cannon - but if I tune into Fox I am sure I will find that President Obama’s Marxist policies somehow wedged it into that position. Two Spruces – now that is telling!

Now to my business.

In addition to almost starving the cats to death and killing the Katzengrass, Java also decided to rearrange all of my stereo and TV cables so that he could listen to things in a different fashion. As he is young it would not have occurred to him to restore things to their proper order.

So I have had to spend some time putting things back together again. Not an easy task for a Badger when it is not a matter of plugging the red cable into the red socket and the white cable into the white socket. Why do they make them like that if that is not the way you put them together? 

I am going to have words with Java. I am going to keep in his good books though because he is going to medical school and I may need his support when I become even more enfeebled – and he is Mrs. Moneypenny’s nephew. She is definitely needed around here. 

In two weeks we are going to Washington for Cate’s nephew’s wedding at the Hay-Adams hotel. This is a very famous hotel and apparently overlooks the White House.

Wikipedia says that "The Hay–Adams Hotel is said to be haunted by Henry Adams's beloved wife, `Clover' (Marian Hooper Adams), who committed suicide on this site in 1885, before the hotel was built. Her spirit is said to be walking the floors, trailed by the scent of mimosa."

We are only staying there for one night so Clover will be struggling to catch us because the place will be heaving.

Cate’s brother and Sister-in-law have lived in Vienna Virginia (How about that!) for about 20 years and we see them every time we go to Peoria.

But we are only there for three days and then we come home for a day and go to Ireland for four days with Liz and Darryl who are – of course – Cate’s sister and brother-in-law, who we just saw in Australia. I hear that they make Jamesons in Ireland and I sure would like to see them do that. 

I am pleased to say that we have a new dishwasher. It is a brand of which I have not previously heard – but it works just fine. It has an LED display on the front so I can pick cycles from 1 through to 7 – which goes to 3 hours. I simply cannot imagine what you would need to wash for 3 hours – apart from – say- Michelle Bachmann.

I have now started worrying about the plants on the terrace. The man at Dehner assured me that they would grow like topsy and would have to be pruned regularly. Well – they have grown only about 1cm and have not needed trimming at all – and now winter is coming and I will have to wrap them up.

At least I haven’t killed them. Thank the FU Fairy I did not ask Java to look after them.


  1. I almost broke out in a sweat reading about all your tasks and future plans! ;-)

    Don't miss sunset or sunup from the roof terrace of the the Hay-Adams. It offers spectacular views.

  2. ooo! love the hay adams - in the same way that you love any old grand viennese dame - have a drink for me at "off the record", and keep an eye out for illicit washington pairings lurking in the shady corners.

    and horse stuck between two trees? he he he. just he he he. quality reporting.

  3. Merisi: I am not sure I will have time - but I will try - I will have my camera.

    TNDW: I am not sure I will recognize any illicit pairings - but I will keep an eye open.
    The Austrian Indy has not lots its touch!

  4. Your energy is frightening. Amazing lots of comings and goings. I am staggered that the cats and you can cope. (Sounds fabulous, though)

  5. Nothing happens in Austria? what about that time in 2006 when the 8:15 from Vienna was three minutes late? they still talk about that on Twitter you know

  6. Ah, now I understand why there was an earth tremour in Washington. Word of your arrival has seeped into the Washington consciousness.

  7. Merricks: The cats are an enormous help and a constant source of support.

    Glen: AND the Duck fight in Stadtpark in 2008.

    Sandy: I am not sure they will notice a Badger with all the goings on there at the moment.