Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Vegemite sticks to the screen

I have had a further report from Cate who has said that she had forgotten how nice it was to have a Sunday paper to read and can we please have the New York Times.

I told her that this was not possible but that she could have the London Sunday Times - but not until Monday at the earliest and probably not until Tuesday – and it would probably cost about €30 if she wanted the full edition – and as it was published by Rupert Murdoch she would need to read it wearing rubber gloves.

I do however make a single exception for Rupert and in fact subscribe to the iPad edition of The Times and the Sunday Times – at a cost of €13 per month – because I think it is good value and because I have no interest in British politics so don’t care how biased it is – if in fact it is – because I take no notice.

But I would never go anywhere near any of his US publications for obvious reasons.

I told Cate she could read The Times on my iPad but she said it is not the same which of course it isn’t and if you ask me the one thing I really miss about Australia it is reading the Sydney Morning Herald with my tea and toast in the mornings.

You just cannot rustle the pages of an iPad – and the vegemite sticks to the screen.

But you will have noticed that there is not much interest in blogging here in Vienna at the moment as Melissa and I are frying other fish.

However I have provided you with a picture of a Duck taken in Stadtpark today.  Also a picture of what is probably a Heron which is actually eating my fish in Stadtpark as I am taking its picture!


  1. Now that's a great duck photo! It looks like he's bearing down on the cheeky heron in the 2nd picture, no doubt trying to get your fish back.

  2. Maybe someone will make an audible page rustling noise app to imitate newspaper reading, or an option within the online newspaper itself.

  3. Oh yes, we get the China Daily and it is my go source for all comedy and drama. My mother-in-law gave Big Daddy a subscription to The Smithsonian for his birthday. We are still staring at each other on that one.

  4. I've about given up on newspapers completely, in paper or on the ipad. I'm tired of reading someone else's opinion...jus the facts please, I'm perfectly capable of drawing my own opinion. In this house of boys that I live in I pretty much only get sports center anyway...the amount of useless sports knowledge running around my head is ridiculous! ;)

  5. I miss the heavy thud with which the Sunday paper arrived on the steps in the early morning. Or not: I remember one snowy winter day when we could not find it until a couple days later, when the snow started melting.

    Every now and then I happen to read a "real paper" after having perused the web edition. It is such a different experience: not only the tactile pleasure of holding the paper, but also the content opens itself in a different way. I find articles I did not notice online. Somehow I feel dumbed down by reading only online.

  6. Sandy: That bloody heron is eating all my fish

    esbboston: Brilliant idea for an App

    fmcgmcclic: It doesn't get any better over there does it

    Cheers: Fox news is supposed to be fair and balanced you could try that

    Merisi: Yes me too. I love actual PAPER.