Friday, June 3, 2011

Don't have a Vegemite cocktail

The hotel is not too bad at all. It is not really 5 star and Cate took some convincing that it was in fact in Berlin when she looked out the window – because it looks over the Tiergarten and there is nothing much to see except trees.

But Berlin is exceptionally beautiful. After the dual catastrophes of the war and Communism in East Berlin - Berlin has become a magnificent city of majestic avenues and buildings and parks and architecture that is a wonder to behold. It is the kind of city that Hitler envisaged – but achieved in a different sort of way. Albert Speer would have loved it.

Amazingly – some monuments and buildings were left un-pulverized. Nothing was left undamaged but some things escaped total pulverization – which is miraculous.

Simply because the bombing was so imprecise that a bomb aimed at a target was unlikely to land within a kilometer of it and could land up to 10 kilometers away. You would be surprised how many cows died.

So – given the number of bombs that were dropped on Berlin – I did not expect to find much at all – and was delighted to find some things – such as the Berliner Dom – beautifully restored – and the Siegessaule in the Tiergarten – which is untouched.

That these survived both the bombing and the stampede of the Russians into Berlin is nothing short of amazing and makes you realize that the Fuckup Fairy takes no sides and is apt to doze unexpectedly at any moment.

Anyway we have walked for bloody miles and seen many splendid things. We went to the Pergamon museum where they keep the things they stole from the Turks or the Babylonians or whoever. This is why there is no point in going to any of those countries. There is nothing there. It is all in European museums.

This afternoon we had a cocktail called a Nolet Julep. It is a Mint Julep with Licorice. It was Fucking Awful. It tasted like a Vegemite cocktail. It was Cate’s choice. She regrets her error.


  1. Nolet Julep sounded so enticing. Perhaps you should try a sardine chocolate???

  2. Nolet Julep, gotta be a story there.

  3. I noticed that this blog post didn't get a title, it just has some icky html junk in the listing on the right side of your blog page. I was just talking to a young lady this morning who mentioned how beautiful Berlin is, and I had seen a recent teleBision show on the artists of Berlin. Hope licorice was the worst part of your day, I was just glad you got to spend some Quality Time with Cate in a beautiul place after so many difficult days in your recent past.

  4. I may be tempted to try that Nolet Julep.
    I have licorice in my veins, can't get enough of it!

    Word verification:
    Isn't that how to pronounce "Reichstag"?

  5. The thought of a Vegemite cocktail makes me dry-heave.

  6. I hope you are not eating any cucumbers over there.

  7. so what's wrong with a vegemite cocktail? call yourself an Aussie??
    Hope you and your lady are having a wonderful time and that you are feeling better. Berlin's a very therapeutic city to be in, I hear.

  8. I can just imagine the spluttering - did it hurt the ribs ?

  9. Sandy: It would be better than the cocktail

    fmcgmcclic: Yep - and the story is don't try the cocktail

    esbboston: Yep I forgot the title. It sure is beautiful and made up for all those bad days.

    Merisi: Just buy a bag - trust me. It is almost the pronunciation if have a lisp.

    smedette: have one and you will wet-heave

    freefalling - impossible - you cannot buy one

    Alexia: you would have to try it to know. It is indeed very therapeutic.

    Shirlee: No I sipped it slowly and gritted my teeth.