Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is it a passing phase?

The thing that has caused my Blog readers most concern is apparently my lack of ability to fart on demand (Correction: As required by the dictates of nature - see comments by white rabbit). I have had a number of off-Blog enquiries about this affliction. I hasted to add that this was a very short–term, temporary problem which lasted only a couple of days immediately following the harrowing events at Kamisak Husky Farm on New Year’s Eve.

You will not be surprised to learn that the promised snow tuned into rain – and even this  has now disappeared entirely. Today it is sunny and I am feeling quite perky so I may well go and see the Ducks and test the new Canon Powershot G12 prior to next week’s expedition.

A by-product of broken ribs and a short course of heavy duty pain killers is that it has desensitized me to the wide variety of stupidities undertaken on a daily basis by humanity in general and some Republicans in particular. I have discovered to my great delight that my ‘Care-O-Meter’ has been de-activated.

Things that a month or so ago would have me foaming at the mouth and reaching for my blog have left me yawning and scratching my itching ribs and saying things like ‘who cares?’  

I even tuned in to Fox for a while to discover what the great Satan Obama and the Marxists in the White House had done to destroy the American People and the economy while I was away and didn’t shout once – even when I realized that it was he – the evil Satan Obama of Kenya – who had arranged the shooting of that poor Congresswoman in Arizona.

I wonder if this is a passing phase? I hope so. I really don’t want to miss all the fun in the run up to the next election.


  1. You can - or could - fart on demand? A rare talent and one to be much envied...

    If you could refine this skill - for example by farting assorted national anthems, then there may be commercial possibilities a la Le Petomane...


  2. white rabbit: Thank you for pointing out my grammatical error. I am indeed not blessed with the god-given skill that was granted to Morris Minor in lower school in my youth. He was able to keep us entertained through the many bleak moments that afflicted us when Boggo raged during Latin Grammar.

  3. I can't get Fox News on my tv Badger, so you will have a week off. We can spend all day going through the channels watching the Ashes highlights. Oh, the BBC has mislaid the tapes from Perth...

  4. Maalie: For me they would be lowlights!