Friday, January 21, 2011

Cate is not sure what to do next

Rozalin and I are a bit worried about Cate. After 12 months of non use - Cate’s Gym membership has finally expired and Cate is casting about for something else to do - or not to do.

She is not really happy unless she belongs to something she is not using and is heading towards not using a Yoga Club membership. This is a healthy thing to do – or indeed not to do – and there are Yoga classes held in the building next to ours – so Cate will probably join there – because it is not far not to go.

I will encourage her to join for the longest period possible – there is probably a 2 year non refundable option which comes with a free Yoga mat (obtainable for €5 at Eduscho). This will make the 2 Lessons she attends fairly costly  (€800 each – but will mean that she does not have to look for something not to do in 12 months time).

I may even do this with her. I am just as good if not better at not doing things as she is. And if my ribs do not heal properly I will probably provide excellent entertainment value as I wriggle around on the mat like a butterfly on a hat pin. I do hope that the woman who saw me with one lens in my Ray Bans does not go to these classes.  


  1. :-) I've been a member of 6 different gyms in the 12 years I've been married.

    I have been to a gym exactly 36 times in those 12 years.

    I really, really do not want to do the maths and work out how much each session has cost me.

  2. I excel at not doing yoga. I highly recommend it. I've been avoiding it for 10 years now and have finally mastered not doing the firefly pose.

  3. Still finding things you both enjoy not doing together. How romantic.

  4. I feel like such a loser,
    never having joined a gym.
    No yacht club either.

    Come to think of it,
    a yacht club would be cool,
    you know, just to show them
    by not showing up.

    Ever wonder about the membership cards
    some people carry in their wallet,
    showing them off at the grocer's?
    A yacht club card
    could be worth
    a coupon book's discounts at Meinl's
    or a few sugar cubes with their coffee.

    I should not read you in the evening.
    Another sleepless night.

  5. Glen: That's the type of lack of commitment I admire!

    Wanderlust: Yes - and I bet you don't do it in an Aussie flag!

    Katie: One must work at a successful relationship!

    Merisi: You are drinking too much coffee for your own good.