Sunday, December 12, 2010

Perhaps I should have bought a Maytag

If I had bought a Maytag - this man may have built it for me. 
This could be a big week. Wednesday is in the diary as clothes dryer repair day. 
This may or may not be the case as I have been disappointed before and I may get a call on Tuesday saying that they have not finished plating the parts with gold and there may be another delay. 
In this event I will probably throw a wobbly and go down to the Miele shop and buy a new dryer.
This will do me no good at all because the waiting time will be six months – but it will make me feel better to know that I have a backup. 
I am now quite accustomed to drying things on the wire thingy - which seems to work just fine - just a bit slow. 
I mean it was not so long ago that we all got along with just clothes lines and indeed I can remember a time when I used to wash clothes by boiling them in a copper tub and dried them on a line propped up with wooden poles. 
Before this I used to take them down to the river and bash them on stones - and had to fight the grizzlies off while I was doing it -  but then I am very old.
Australia has lost the only opportunity it had to win the ashes.  Kevin Pietersen was caught speeding in a ‘high powered supercar’ in Melbourne.
‘The English batsman was caught behind the wheel of a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 doing 121 km/h in a 100 zone on the Geelong Ring Road.’
Now this would seem to me to have been be a golden opportunity to lock him up for some months – together with the rest of the English cricket team who were obviously accomplices – but no – they let him go with a fine – and shall reap the consequences of that foolish behavior.
And Cate has apparently not finished gallivanting. She is probably off to Indonesia for a few days this week and will swing by Australia to see her ancient mother again. 

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