Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If Australian Cricket was a horse they would shoot it.

This is either an Englishman cricket player celebrating a crushing victory over Australia or a Republican celebrating another crushing victory over President Obama.

England did not just beat Australia – they comprehensively flogged them without mercy. 

After seeing this result one can fairly confidently predict that England will retain the Ashes – and indeed may win four tests. If the Australian cricket team was a horse the vets would have arrived to shoot it to put it put of its misery.

As expected, the Obama administration rolled over on tax cuts for the really rich and gave the Republicans everything they wanted. If the Obama administration was a horse it would also be shot.

I am so disappointed with President Obama and the Democrats that I am not going to write anything more about politics until the next Presidential election cycle starts. That will probably be in March 2011 - although Ms Palin has already started. 

In celebration of the arrival of winter I bought a coat on the weekend at the delightfully named Peek and Kloppenburg. It is just fabulous and is quite the warmest coat I have ever had. It will be perfect for Lapland.

The coat I bought is in the photo. I do not look quite as cool as this dude – but cool enough.

I have never understood the hoods with fur on the outside but Cate tells me it is a fashion thing. I am not sure about this because I think the Inuit also have fur on the outside of their coats and they are the least fashionable dressers I have ever seen.

I did not realize until after the purchase that I had acquired a Hugo Boss coat. The range is called Boss Orange. He also does other colors. I just do not know where Hugo gets the time to make all this stuff.

I now have something with which I can wear my Hugo Boss underpants. These are the most expensive underpants I have ever bought and I have been afraid to wear them until now because they would be more expensive than anything else I had on and it just did not seem right.

As I detailed in an earlier Blog – the underpants were an error of judgment and I bought them by mistake. I thought the price tag must have related to the suit next to the underpants – but no. By the time I realized what was happening the sales person had extracted the money from me and pushed me out the door.

The coat will give me the opportunity to take the underpants for a run. I will let you know what it is like to wear underpants that cost as much as an iPod.


  1. Ah after all these years - it does feel good. I think maybe they should put the ashes of Australian cricket into some kind of urn and then have a tournament every year to play for them or something - what do you think?

    Or has that already been done?

  2. "The next political cycle" starts January 21st every four years.

  3. I woke in the night with my radio still on. By an amazing coincidence I heard all of the final six wickets fall. Who need sweet dreams ;-)
    We had fur on our hoods in Antarctica too, the best is said to be wolverine. It is something to do with the condensation of your breath and does work. I think you will need it in Lapland at Christmas.

  4. We've had our first political flyer for the March state elections - from Jamie Parker of the Greens. Can't think it's sensible putting one out amidst the Christmas commercial extravaganza.

    Don't suppose the Boss undies are fur-lined? I think they'll need to be. I went to Hammerfest in May and it was suitably cold then :-)

  5. Cricket? Must go google that...
    As for your expensive undies, I bet once you wear them you will be hooked and you will never buy any other brand. Probably.

  6. Glen: Oh yes - very amusing. And there are three tests to go (groan!)

    Jessica: Ah yes - I was thinking more of the unofficial Fox election cycle where they promote all the Republican candidates - and Ms Palin in particular.

    Maalie: Condensation of breath?

    Annie: No but I have my own fur.

    Katie: Hmmm---not at €29 per pair - and looking like they belonged to my grandfather.