Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blog for cat lovers only

I met Annabella in the street a week or so ago. She is one of my original Blog followers and she mentioned to me that I have not talked about the cats for a while.
Well - I reminded her that she promised me updated pics of her two cats Stan and Ollie - but I will let that go for the moment. I will also not embarrass her by providing a link to her Blog which has just ONE entry in December 2008.
OK - the cats are all well.
Muffin is now 18 and is in remarkably good shape. She had a complete checkup at the vets a few months ago and everything is functioning as it should (for her age).  
She is of course no less deranged than she has always been and her mental state is deteriorating. She sleeps all day and roams the bedroom at night. Her favorite trick in the dead of night is to leap from the shelf behind the bed onto a sleeping person a meter below her. She enjoys the visceral reaction from the chosen victim who likes awake shuddering for an hour with heart palpitations.  
She also wanders around the bedroom carrying a sock - or indeed anything at all - and yowling like a Banshee. 
This is our fault because when she had her two kittens - 17 years ago - we used to steal them from her and play with them. She has never recovered from this and extracts regular retribution.

(I mention that we kept the two kittens - Bilbo and Baggins - and she has outlived both of them. Baggins was hit by a car when he was one year old and Bilbo came with us but popped his clogs just before Christmas last year).

We have recently had to start shutting her out of the bedroom - in a quest for self preservation. No one can survive three hours sleep punctuated by a cat performing gymnastics, yodeling exercises and a pulse rate of 200. 
Monika is plump and happy and relaxed. The only thing that bothers her is the vacuum cleaner when Mrs Moneypenny comes each week - so I keep her in the study with me while the clamor goes on downstairs. 
Sissi is the size of a small horse and has far too much energy for her own good. 

She cannot wait each time the front door opens to dive out through it  and hurtle down a couple of flights of stairs.

She delights in helping me unpack the shopping and particularly likes opening cellophane packets and scattering the contents over the apartment. I find beans and other vegetables in extraordinary places. 
Sometimes she gets lucky and I leave the door to the dry cat food packets open. She can shred a packet of Kat Krunchies and cover the apartment in them in 5 minutes.
She is looking forward to winter and is hoping for snow. 
Cat update ends. 
Normal blogging will resume tomorrow. 


  1. aww, cute! i love cats. wish we could have one here but we are on the second floor with no escape.

  2. That first picture,
    a master image!

  3. A fascinating insight into feline behaviour, Badger.

  4. Just to say that you are being missed!

  5. angiv: W chose an apartment with a terrace so that we could have cats - but its tough if they have nowhere outside.

    Merisi: You are much too kind.

    Glen: She is as big as two normal cats together!

    Maalie: I can just see you with a cat - you could take it birding!

    Merisi: Trust you to disturb my slumber.