Friday, August 20, 2010

There are Kangaroos in Austria!

My blog yesterday was so boring I fell asleep while proof reading it. So I am giving you a bonus blog to cover some exciting events locally - and not so locally.  
No Kangaroos in Austria? Well actually there are. Or there is at least one which has escaped from its prison. The Austrian Independent reports:
“Drivers have been alerted by traffic officials to be extra careful after a kangaroo was spotted more than 45 kilometres from its enclosure.
Managers of Styria’s Preding wildlife park said today (Thurs) "Sumsi" had escaped in mysterious circumstances earlier this week before farmers in Sebersdorf – almost 50 kilometres from the zoo – reported the animal grazing in a meadow.
The animal escaped before alerted firemen arrived at the scene to catch it. Preding wildlife park bosses, meanwhile, said they had no idea how the kangaroo had managed to dash away”. 
Fireman arrived at the scene? Catching Kangaroos is on the list of duties for firemen in Austria? I bet they never worried about training for that. Dash? Kangaroos don’t dash - they hop!  
Now I personally hate zoos because I don’t think any wild animal should be locked up (I would make an exception for Mark Latham) and I am not at all sure that Kangaroos like snow - but I will leave that rant for another day. 
On a happier note. Gérard Depardieu is visiting Austria and has displayed the customary loyalty that goes with being part of the filmic fraternity.
Speaking to Austrian magazine profil about the work of French director Leos Carax, the 61-year-old movie icon said: "Tell me Juliette Binoche’s secret. I wonder why she has been so acknowledged for so many years. She has nothing! Nothing at all!"
Depardieu further said about the actress who starred in "Chocolat" and "Caché": "She’s a nobody. Isabelle Adjani is great (…) or Fanny Ardant: she’s great, extremely impressive. But Binoche? What did she ever have? (…) It took Carax six years to do his Binoche film – which was not even a film but just a piece of shit."
Mmmm.....nice one Gérard. I can’t wait to read Paris Match to see how Juliette and Carax riposte to this elegant and thoughtful deconstruction of their body of work. 
I am fascinated by the good work done by the Presidential Prayer Team as they carry President Obama along on their wings of love and prayer.  
It actually often looks like a website run by Fox as most of the prayers first of all refer to the massive cock ups allegedly perpetrated by the President - followed by pleas to forgive him and then head him in the right direction and away from Satan (who apparently inhabits the White House). These include prayers that he will turn away from Islam and embrace Christianity (and possibly be re-born in America).
Some people get a little bit off the track and I thought I would share a few snippets with you. 
Prayer 1 (Anonymous)
Our White House priorities are way messed up. LAst week I read that Secty of Defense was told to trim the Defense Budget by 10% and apparently our President thinks men and women in uniform are overpaid. Lord God I am a former soldier and so is my husband. EVery penny we get we deserve. Every benefit we get we deserve. Of course a man who has never served his country as a soldier or sailor , Airmen or MArine would not think so. I was appalled to hear they may drastically cut the military health care budget too. Retirees are already getting the shaft big time. WE have to get this stopped Lord. The military is supposed to be the nations main function and priority. Lord God intervene in this please. In JEsus Name. Amen.
(Hmmmm Anonymous - I’m guessing you read this in the New York Post?)
Prayer 2 (Anonymous)
Our President entertained Muslims or had a muslim prayer thing in White House yesterday I heard. We have the forces of darkness and evil in DC more than ever. I pray blinders come off the people who see no harm or danger in This. In Jesus Name amen.
(Oh Anonymous - perhaps you heard this on Fox?)
Prayer 3 (Bettie)
Thanks to God for the Presidential's Prayer Team. I believe God heard our prayers and put a stop to the oil flow.
(He had to Bettie - it was time for him to kick the living shit out of the Pakistanis and Chinese by giving them the biggest flood since Noah). 


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  2. 1 in 5 Americans think President Obama is a Muslim. His religion is irrelevant, but 1 in 5 Americans are idiots.

  3. Soomsi getting away is way too cute! I bet he is eating Zweigelt grapes in Southern Burgenland by now (quick, we need to run out and get a year's supply of Zweigelt wine, prices will go up when they discover all those Zweigelt grapes in Soomsi's pouch!).

    Forgive me for not reading the prayers.
    I take a minute of silence instead, alright?


  4. It might not be a thoughtful deconstruction, but Gérard has a point. Binoche has had a charmed career appearing in several brilliant films to which she has rarely contributed sparks and often threatened to overdo it. Isabelle Huppert she ain't.

  5. Jessica - only 1 in 5? really ? seems like so many more

    Who Cares About the "First Bloke"?
    The sexist media coverage of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard as she campaigns for re-election.

  7. Jessica: The number is increasing dramatically. Just wait until the next presidential election.

    Merisi: Silence works better than prayer. In fact eating chocolate is more effective that prayer.

    Parsifal: Blimey. I need to watch more carefully.

    Glen: It's 4 in 5 Republicans

    Merisi: Yes it's quite appalling - and the women are worse than the men.