Monday, August 30, 2010

The numbskull rally

Rancid Charlatan Rally
I am still waiting for a result on the Australian Election. 
You would not think an election result could take this long unless George Bush’s brother was involved-  but the Independents who will have all the power are being very careful and indeed the counting of postal votes will go until Tuesday.
Mr Rabbit did not want his election promises costed by the Federal Treasury for the obvious reason that Treasury will find horrible and embarrassing things in there - but he has now realized that the Independents will simply not support him unless they see his budget numbers.
So he will allow the figures to be examined and then will argue that the Treasury’s calculations are flawed and don’t take into account this and that and the other and that they cannot see the bigger picture and are biased and in cahoots with the government etc. 
This may work and if I was him I would give it a shot. The problem he will have is that none of the Independents appears to be particularly stupid so they will be harder to fool that the average punter.
Had he been elected with a majority he would use the used the ‘worse than we excepted budget hole left by the previous incompetent government’ or ‘changed circumstances since we made our budget projections’ 
Nothing new here - all governments do it.
That Rancid Charlatan Glenn Beck held a rally on the weekend at hundreds of thousands attended. This man is truly scary. He hosts a nightly show on Fox which is a never ending poisonous diatribe spewing hatred against the President and all his staff and indeed anyone at all who is not a god fearing Republican.
He has whiteboards on which he puts pictures of Marx, Hitler and Stalin and draws lines to show how they are linked to the President and the White House. 
He is as deranged as anyone I have ever seen - and the fact that he can draw a crowd of Republicans and Tea Party members this size to a rally is truly frightening.
“Something that is beyond man is happening,” Mr. Beck told the crowd, in what was part religious revival and part history lecture. “America today begins to turn back to God.”
“There’s nothing we can do that will solve the problems that we have and keep the peace unless we solve it through God,” he told “Fox News Sunday.”
He is, by the way, a Mormon and using Christianity is a prop to enable him to galvanize the more slow witted of the numbskulls who do not understand what he is trying to do to democracy in America. 
And incidentally - at the Formula 1 race at Spa on Sunday Lewis Hamilton won - but not without skidding into and out of the kitty litter in the closing laps. ‘I felt the hand of god on me’ said Lewis - and this apparently got him out of the jam he was in.
God may have been better placed keeping an eye on Sebastian Vettel who poleaxed Jenson Button and nearly cut him in half. Jenson may not pray enough. 
I am starting to worry about god - with all that’s happening in the world and he has got time to be with Glenn Beck on Saturday and watch F1 races on Sundays. Shouldn’t he be listening to prayers or something? 


  1. I've never understood the people who put God in the middle of everything from elections to the common cold to athletic matches...


  2. "none of the Independents appears to be particularly stupid". did you forget about bob katter?

  3. Oh Lordy Me - Mr Hart What a Mess!

  4. Glenn Beck makes my blood boil. There was way too much God talk at his rally and I am really hoping this was a huge turn-off for the moderate Republicans and Independents. He is a scary, stupid man.

  5. That “Restoring Honor” rally was held at the site of Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have a Dream” speech 47 years ago, by people who would like to turn back the clock to an America where blacks rode in the back of the bus.

  6. Pearl: Jayzus has not spoken to you yet.

    lenny: Ooops - forgot about Bob.

    Mrs Woog: Yes indeed - we will need more than a mop and bucket for this lot.

    Jessica: I love all this stuff because it will in fact scare a lot of moderate Republicans.

    Merisi: 'Restoring Honor' is Republican code for 'we want the nigger out of the White House' See Rush Limbaugh et al for confirmation.