Thursday, April 1, 2010

A large black bird will swoop from the sky!

It was a truly glorious day in Wien today so we went to Melk Abbey. I think this was my eighth trip but I always love it. The weather was perfect and we sat in the sun at outside the restaurant and had an Austrian health lunch – Wurstel and Pommes Frites.

The drive back through the Wachau Valley was delightful and there are already hordes of cyclists out and about. I am pleased to see that they have almost finished the road works that have been going on since we arrived so there were not too many delays.

Cate had a major panic attack getting to the airport in Jakarta. She left the hotel three hours before the flight was due to depart but got to the airport as the flight was boarding – two hours and forty minutes later.

The traffic was TARFU in Jakarta (and indeed every major city in Asia) when I travelled there in the 70s and 80s and it seems that nothing has changed.

I got really cross with the Catholic Church over some things I saw yesterday and today and wrote a long rant - which I have now deleted.

I will pray for something instead. That usually works for me - I mean I live in a Penthouse in Wien with the woman of my dreams, drive a black Mercedes and get to drink the very best Austrian red wine in the company of three wonderful cats.

That is the power of prayer.

Watch during the Pope’s Easter message. When he says “In nomine Patris et fillii et Spiritus Sancti” a large black bird will swoop from the sky and carry him off to be eaten by its children (I’ve forgotten what bird children are called).

Trust me on this – my prayers always work. Remember what I did with John Howard?

Cheers – see you in a week or so!


  1. Natural selection: Some birds eat their young and some eat pope.

    Hatchling or chick, says WikiAnswer.
    I lost. My answer was fledgling. :-(

  2. Philip,
    here I have a special newsbreak for you:
    Warning: People can make up stuff on the Internet!

    That's what the world has come too, tztzt. :-)

  3. Oy, want to send a prayer to the Salzburg Mozarteum? I really need them to buy this Mozart artifact.

  4. I believe the scientific name for baby birds is actually "Pope Eaters".

  5. Melk is beautiful, I have been from Krems to Melk down the Wachau valley on a boat. I have a mate from Oz staying with me now, but I don't think I will get much out of him until he has finished reading my Richard Dawkins which he has got his nose into and is quoting iberally.

  6. Happy Easter, Philip and Cate!
    I sort of hoped to find a Tuscan Easter egg here. ;-)

    Word veri: Nuoireno
    Who'd have thank that Little Veri would switch to Italian so fast?

  7. Who'd have thunk.
    Alright, memo to myself:
    Think before you mangle the English language.

    Word veri:
    Lingslyn (must be Italian for "Language Mangling")