Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I have the feathers ready Malcolm

Sky and clouds - Broome Western Australia.

Muffin and Sissi are almost friends – although it does depend on Muffin’s mood.

Most days she wakes up a bit grumpy – but she is getting on a bit – 17 this year.

That’s old for a cat and too old to have a very active flibbertigibbet jumping all over the place.

But when they meet in transit – as they do quite often – they sometimes exchange sniffs. A good sign.

Muffin and Monika have reached – how shall we say it – an accommodation. They are not best friends but don’t always hiss and snarl when they cross paths.

This makes for a much happier household all round.

I almost went cycling – the first time in some weeks – but it was just a bit too grim out there. I can’t go on like this so am going to buy and exercise bike so that I can do something – because it is not going to be too long before cycling will be impossible.

Cate wants us to join a Gym – but we have a long and sordid history of joining Gyms. As many other people do – we join – have a flurry of visits and then lapse. This is of course why Gyms don’t sell short term memberships - and have unbreakable contracts.

Cate excelled herself last time. She joined a Gym and did not go AT ALL – not even once. This was a record that cannot be beaten. Fortunately we had a trial membership so it didn’t cost us too much.

Of course we also have along a sordid history with exercise machines and at various times have bought bikes and rowing machines – all of which have ended up gathering dust and cobwebs.

This time will be different! (Ha!)

Rozalin has given me the names of the stores that sell Heimtrainers (Exercise bikes to you) so I will have a really good look and buy the most inappropriate one I can (this will be easy for me – I am a specialist).

Urgent recall for dangerous dummies.

I saw that headline on an Australian news website and I thought – oh well I am sure you know what I thought – and I am simply not going to go there. My days of being rude to politicians are gone. I am my new benevolent self – smiling at the world – letting the dross sail gently over my head.

However – I had a Laugh out Loud moment a day or so ago when reading the Sydney Morning Herald online:

“The state's biggest housing project has collapsed after the Planning Minister, Kristina Keneally, admitted she acted unlawfully in approving the 7200-home Hunter Valley proposal.
……Ms Keneally and the developer of the $1.8 billion complex have conceded the minister's approval of the concept plan and a rezoning application breached planning laws.
Her concession sounds the death knell for a project the planning department had ranked last of 91 potential housing development sites in the Lower Hunter, and which was approved only after the Labor Party donor behind it hired the lobbyist and former Labor minister Graham Richardson.”

So the project ranked 91st and Last out of a potential list of 91 – and the Minister approved it because – let me guess –

Oh no – what a surprise – the developer is a major donor to the Labor Party.

And Richo is involved – Oh dear – (never a good sign!)

I have been around a long time but – has there ever been a more corrupt or incompetent government than we have at the moment? Over to you Sydney readers.

I refer to a story in the SMH ‘Turnbull still stinks with voters’. Malcolm – all you have to do to get me to lift the curse is admit – on the 7:30 report - that you are a complete Plonker. I have the feathers ready.


  1. speaking of richo i saw him the other day. on castlereagh st behind my work. having a smoke outside.....the ICAC headquarters. surely that was just a coincidence.....

  2. If Cate could prove she uses the gym in the various hotels she constantly inhabits, then it might possibly be worth her joining a gym in Vienna. But, as she's infrequently home with you, it seems rather a waste, even without her attendance history. Anyway, if she's using the gym all the time while travelling she won't really need to go when she's home.

    On the other hand, have you thought of renaming young Ben? If you called him Jim, he'd be part of Cate's life. Apart from when he goes MIA. But that's only two lapses since you've been in Vienna, i.e. in 14 months. What do you think?

  3. The pictures I have seen of Richo recently suggest that he should stop smoking - and drinking - and eating.

    Hmm....I doubt that Cate has ever visited a Gym in any hotel she has ever visited (Unless it's where they keep the wine and Mars Bars). And I really don't think you can call a bear Jim. Whoever heard of the Jim the Bear? And how could I rename Ben after 25 years - he would suffer permanent identity shock. And wouldn't Jim be confused when I referred to Jim in the Blog. I don't think you have thought this through Annie.

  4. What an example of sloppy thinking on my part!

    Perhaps if I knew there was wine and chocolate at the gym, I might go there too. My instincts say there wouldn't be but I have to admit to never going to see if I'm right.