Monday, October 12, 2009

The game is up!

Is this the Seventh Seal? It could be – I can’t see a number unless it rolls over.

Cate is in Peoria at Ducky Pharma headquarters and will be there for a week.

This has left the cats and I at a loose end and we are thinking of ways to fill in our days.

However – I have a busy week lined up.

I am about to buy my new Telephoto Lens with IS. This is important as I have reached the stage in life where I tend to quiver a bit as I am focusing for long shots. This new lens will enable me to take better close up photos of Bees and Ducks.

They will not be of Merisi standard – but will be a bit better than the ones I take at the moment.

Also our wet patch is getting bigger and a man is coming investigate. This patch appeared on the wall outside the en-suite some months ago and has been subject to a couple of inspections so far. It may – or may not – be caused by the water heater which is almost directly above it in a cupboard in Cate’s study.

In recent times it has started to grow again and I am sure it will continue to cause consternation to the people who will come and peer at it over the next few months. I imagine it will still be there when we leave – and will probably cover most of the wall.

It is getting colder and the cats are not venturing outside too much. I expect that it will soon be time for a fire and we will test the theory of whether or not the cats will cluster around the fire and achieve some sort of rapprochement.

Sissi is entirely unconcerned by Muffin’s bad attitude towards her and plays with Muffin’s tail whenever she gets the opportunity. As I write this she is sitting on top of the Air Conditioner looking at Muffin – three feet below her. Muffin growled for a while but realised finally that there was no point (Sissi started licking her bottom and Muffin took this as a sign of lack of interest) so went to sleep instead.

I recommence German Lessons on Friday with Frauline Snow Mountain’s replacement. (I think I have given her a name but can’t think what it is). I will have to go back through my blogs – or perhaps I will rename her – Yes I shall call her Heidi Erdbeer.

One of the good things about writing a blog is that you can make things up. Not that I would ever lie to you but it is conceivable that I may exaggerate slightly if the need arises.

But it may be to no avail. In my endless quest to find every Nutter on the planet I have found someone who has been appointed by God to tell us that our time is up.

Damnation! I was just beginning to get the hang of it and it’s all over.

Hmm…....perhaps I should not buy that new lens but just put the money into alcohol. Anyway – I am on the Lookout for the Seventh Seal because this is a sure sign that the end is near.

Unfortunately while this man has been appointed by God to tell us the Game is UP he has not been given what you would think would be a crucial piece of information – the date of the UPNESS. I think this shows a distinct lack of trust by God in his Chosen One but what do I know?

If I was the Chosen One I would be well pissed off by this mistrust and would probably want an explanation – and mediation. I would also be worried that the other Chosen One (Yes there is another) has the information I don’t – but I wouldn’t be able to ask the other Chosen One that because God hasn’t told me who it is – another piece of critical information that is missing.

But if I was the Chosen One there is no point going round telling people the end is near – but you don’t know when – everyone does that. I would just pick a date (a long way into the future) so that I had something to hang my hat on.

Now if God was unhappy with that he could just tell me the correct date and I could make the necessary changes.

Or – if he didn’t tell me and just pulled the plug early I could just say that I hadn’t allowed for daylight saving or something like that – because when it happens people aren’t going to be too worried about anything I may have said.

Bunches of them will be standing around waiting to be taken up into the sky and the rest of us will be plundering their possessions and moving into their houses.

The Game is Up


  1. And we'll at last be left in peace!

  2. I love the line in the faq section about correspondence; "Any who want to debate beliefs or who are seeking to express their own ideas will not receive a response. Such e-mail will simply be deleted". I agree completely. if only this thought extended to their own beliefs and we could just simply delete this website..