Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Funkenschutz is disgusting!

Getting cold here. There is a chill in the air. Love it!

I am starting to wash my winter woollies in preparation for the big freeze.

I needed to see the Dermatologist. Surgery starts today at 9:30. Thought I would get there early to try to cut the wait down to less than 2 hours. Got there at 9:10. Doors not open but there were 6 people waiting in the stairwell outside her door. Came home. Sulked.

I bought the first load of wood. 210 kilos of high quality Sushi Rolls. They are supposed to be environmentally friendly (it says so on the pack) – and they probably are if you don’t burn them.

Who cares – the world is going to hell in a hand basket so we may as well get on the bandwagon.

It is indeed much easier with Dolly to move Sushi Rolls up the stairs into the apartment – but it is still very hard work and shagged me out totally.

Only someone who has lived in a foreign land with a strange language would realise how difficult it is to buy things if you don’t know what they are called.

We need a Fire Guard (pictured) so that sparks don’t pop out and incinerate the cats and us (in that order) during those long winter nights when we are tucked up in front of the fire with a good book and a glass of Gruner Veltliner. Gemütlich!

They don’t sell them in the Feuerhaus – where they sell fires and accoutrements – and in fact had they no idea at all what we were talking about when we spoke to them last winter. All their fires seem to be enclosed so maybe they don’t have open fires here?

It took me hours to find one online. I finally discovered that they are called Funkenschutz. After that it was a doddle. I showed the pictures to Cate and she said –

‘They are all disgusting – I am not having any of those in the apartment’.

So I bought what I think is the least offensive one (and my opinion – as you know – is worthless – as I have no sense of style or colour and sometimes lack basic common sense).

However – working from the perspective of the Cat Preservation Society – action was required and has been taken.

It is coming from Germany and will be here in a few days. It does not have a stand so Sissi will be able to knock it over and squash/singe her mother and Muffin – can’t wait for that!. It also does not have any handles so when we need to move it to put logs on the fire we will get third degree burns. Perfect!

Because it is so hot in the upstairs studies we had to buy portable air conditioners. These expel hot air so it is necessary to run the hose out the window.

For this to be even marginally effective one can only open the window a small amount and squeeze the hose through the gap. The gap then lets hot air in – and small cats out.

To overcome this problem we asked the owner to provide new glass for the windows with each pane having a opening exactly the same size as the air conditioner exhaust pipe. The glass people and others came immediately and the problem was fixed in a couple of days.

I have told you about this before but thought I should let you know that the solution has been effective – as I know you would have been worrying about it.

The picture tells the story.

You should check out this site sent to me by David.

People of Walmart

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