Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Somehow I have ended up with Hugo Boss underpants

Cate and I spent some time in Ljubljana discussing my underwear.

It has been in bad shape for some time but you know – with everything else that has been going on and me looking after Cate and Muffin I have just let my undergarments disintegrate into a very sad state indeed.

To say that they are a bit ragged would do that word an injustice.

Anyway – at some stage over Easter Cate took a long hard look at my underwear and gave me strict instructions to take immediate and effective remedial action.

This I attempted to do today – but you know – it is not always that easy to get things done in Wien and for me things rarely ever go to plan.

The outcome of this was that I attempted to creep into Don Gill in Landstrasser-Hauptstrasse to sort of check out what there was in the underwear department and – after a series of unfortunate events and misunderstandings – the shop assistant spoke no English at all – I became the proud owner of a pair of Hugo Boss underpants that cost €29,90

Now I don’t know about you people out there – but for me €29,90 for a pair of underpants is pretty serious. And it’s not as though they are stylish – they look like the underpants my grandfather would have worn.

Clearly I cannot wear them – for both style and cost reasons – so I am going to have them bronzed and will use them as a door stop.

Following this fiasco I then went to Eduscho and bought two pairs of underpants for €8,99. Being on a roll I then went into Hofer and bought two more pairs for €5,95.

I have tested them and the Eduscho ones seem to be the most satisfying so I will acquire some more of these and retire the sad remains that currently grace my underwear cupboard – which because I have no space at all for my clothes – is a shoe box under the sofa.

When we were in the hotel in Ljubljana we discovered something in the breakfast room called Eurocrem. It is in a small packet and we examined it carefully but were not courageous enough to eat any. We guess it is something the Commissioners invented when they were sitting around in Brussels unable to solve the problems of the European Community.

I am going to see if I can get them to bring Vegemite into Europe. We can call it Euromite.

My apologies to all Slovenians in advance – but your white wine is not very good. What’s more – in all the restaurants we tried – it is the only wine you can buy. This may explain the size of the wine glasses in our room. These were the smallest wine glasses we have ever seen and simply have to be seen to be believed. Hence the photo.

When you go to Bled you must see the Vintgar Gorge. We have some photos but they do not do it justice. It is Magic!


  1. Wikipedia tells me that Eurocrem comes in containers from 15g to 5kg - that's a lot of hazlenut and vanilla creme! Sounds fairly sickly. Think I'll stick to Vegemite and marmalade on toast - applied in that order for a savoury and sweet taste.

  2. Ah yes buying Underware in Vienna.. I had to look for some for the Boy Child. Ended up at Tesco in Brataslavia, found some there that didn't cost the moon! Good luck!

  3. My husband had a similar underwear experience...we ended up shopping for underwear in Greece...our underwear drawer is very international now we seem to pick up a piece of something everywhere we go...dont ask!
    Love your stories!

  4. A 5kg container sounds pretty scary to me! I wasn't game to open the sachet in a confined space.

    You will all be pleased to know that much new underwear is in place and the old stuff has been dispatched!

  5. For men's underwear Huber is the place, there is a branch on Landstrasser Hauptstrasse I think.