Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Possum!

This delightful creature is my friend Possum.

In this picture, which was taken many long years ago - I think she was trying out for a role in a Cold Power advertisement but clearly the budget didn’t amount to much.

Apparently it got much more exciting after this photo was taken when she got her nightie caught in the mangle and had to be cut our by the fire brigade with the 'Jaws of Life'

Possum is a bit older now – and will be 70 on Sunday. She is still beautiful but – as one of her daughters said on her Blog – ‘in an old, hobbledly way’.

There is a Knees Up of Epic Proportions being perpetrated upon the people of Marrickville on Saturday night at the Royal Exchange Hotel and the Police Rescue and Dog Squads have been put on high alert.

Anyway – Happy Birthday Possum – we shall celebrate in an appropriate fashion when we see you in July.

1 comment:

  1. Best wishes for a Happy Birthday
    to Possum, a long life blessed with health and joie de vivre!

    Beauty is beauty is beauty.
    I took a photo of my former boss and mentor at seventy, her hair white, yes, but her blue eyes sparkling like the Mediterranean Sea in the background. Absolutely beautiful, the picture of a life lived joyfully.