Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's goodbye to the Queen Mary

Gareth's tail fell off in the snow on the weekend. He doesn't look happy.

Apparently the Austrians do not always know when it is going to snow. An item in the online version of the Austrian Times says that ‘A snowfall that took forecasters by surprise last year left Vienna practically paralyzed and many vehicles stranded on a nearby motorway. Many people had to spend the night in their cars before being rescued the following morning.’

They are, however, well prepared this year and say that they have ample supplies of kitty litter and salt.

We have so far escaped having to drive on snowy roads but our time is coming. It is snowing again today and soon when I drive Cate to and from work we may have to brave the conditions. I am carrying a wooden peg for Cate to bite on as we skate along Ungargasse. I may also wear ear plugs.

The ransacking of Cate’s lunch money has stopped – or at the very least has slowed down. This may only mean that the lunch money thief is on holidays but we will keep a close eye on the situation.

Today we learned that the Queen Mary is being taken away from us. Unfortunately it is not because our car is ready as the people in Germany have still not decided whether or not they will build it.

They are however so embarrassed by the whole sordid affair that they are going to provide us with a Mercedes Benz C Class Saloon until ours is ready.

This car will be smaller than the Queen Mary (most things are) so I will be able to develop my rallying skills in the cobbled streets of Landstrasse.

After some expert and sustained attention from the panel beaters the Queen Mary is being retired and will be used as a floating hotel in Dubai.

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