Thursday, November 13, 2008

I don't have my heated bathroom floor inspection certificate

I went to pick up the firewood holder from the Feuerhaus in Gumpendorferstrasse and dragged it home in the rain. It was more difficult than I thought it would be – but most things are.

The firewood holder is now next to the fire and is stacked with wood and compressed sawdust – the cats can’t wait.

Each time we have a fire they lie in front of it all night and then the next morning sit in front of it again waiting for another fire. We only have fires on the weekend because we don’t have the time to laze about on week nights – well Cate doesn’t because she works most nights in her study.

Someone rang Cate and asked if they could come to look at the heated floors in our bathrooms. Why I have no idea – there is nothing wrong with them but perhaps there is an annual heated floor inspection by the appropriate authority. No one came so we are now on a default list somewhere and I expect to be fined for not having a current heated floor certificate.

The other day there was a knock at the door and a man wearing a bandana and with lots of tools and other implements hanging about his person indicated that he wanted to come in. Sure I said – why not. He fiddled about with the telephone connection for a while and then left. I have no idea what he wanted or what he did. I had made some disparaging remarks about Telekom Austria in my Blog so he may have been disconnecting our phone – or bugging it. We don’t use it so I just don’t know.

I find there are enough things to worry about here without trying to fathom the incomprehensible and it’s easier to go with the flow.

I hung the pictures today and tonight when Cate gets home she will explain to me why they are in the wrong places – are at the wrong height – and in fact are the wrong pictures. I will make notes and promise her that this will be fixed tomorrow.

I have been reminded by my children in Australia that I did get Fathers Day presents before leaving and son David has also reminded me that he gave me a very fine going away present. This is a Boxing Kangaroo pen that lights up when you write with it and it has pride of place on my desk. Melissa in Paris has used the ‘la fete des pères is in June' excuse so I will make sure I catch up next year.

We are off to Budapest on the weekend so we have advised the OAMTC to warn other motorists that a very large silver monolith will be careering down the road tomorrow evening.

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  1. pleased to see sense of humour has not left. John has still to better your effort with "firewood"
    we are now trying to cool bathroom floors.keep up the good work
    (the hendos}