Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cate would like to marry her Blackberry Bold

Great Synagogue - Budapest

Today’s news in Wien is that Viennese authorities have scrapped plans to rent the city’s famous Ferris Wheel out to a British company. I don’t know why a British company would want to rent out the Ferris Wheel in the Prater and will add it to my list of questions that need to be asked.

I have set up my iPhone and it is brilliant – quite the most astonishing piece of technology I have owned – I love it!

According to my iPhone the temperature in Wien on the weekend will get down to 1 degree and there will be snow. I was out today and it is indeed very cold and windy – so cold that I wore a scarf and a beanie.

Unfortunately the wind usually drives Muffin crazy so we are expecting the worst. We are up high and the wind howls around the apartment and whooshes down the chimney but so far she has been able to hold it together. But she has at best a tenuous hold on reality so we are bracing ourselves for one or more episodes of unhingedness.

We tried a number of different coffees and the Caruso blend scored the highest with 8/10. I went to Alt Wien and bought a kilo so that we can road test it properly. I also called into Bobby’s to get some English jam and mustard. I can’t get the hang of Austrian jam – I am not sure why – but it is on the list of questions to be answered.

I haven’t told you much about Cate recently and I know there are readers who are anxious for more news. They appear to be more concerned about Cate that they are about me so I will devote more time in future to Cate. (That was a lie!)

Cate is enjoying life in Wien and is starting to enjoy her job. She has identified some of the people in the organisation who are barking mad and is able to avoid most of them most of the time.

Cate hasn’t summoned up enough courage to drive to work yet so I am still driving her. She is daunted by the size of the Queen Mary and the difficulty in getting it out of and into the garage. Her plan is that she will walk home – and sometimes she does – but it will become more difficult as the weather gets colder.

She continues to work very hard and works most nights until very late. She works in her pyjamas and is usually accompanied by a glass of nice white wine.

She usually has the weekends off so that we can do exciting things and watch DVDs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

She really loves her Blackberry Bold and would marry it if she could (but that would be bigamy).

She has had a couple of trips (which I have told you about) and is planning on going to Istanbul in a couple of weeks. I am going with her on this trip and am going to watch Midnight Express again to prepare myself. (Unfortunately our cat sitter is not available as she is very selfishly going on a holiday to Mexico for 3 months - so we are trying to find a replacement).

She has told her faithful and very efficient assistant that she is not flying Duckair again as the trip to Korea was too uncomfortable. The beds are not flat and she arrives looking like a pretzel - and in great pain.

She has found a nice clothing shop in Krugerstrasse and we have become regulars. The owner is very fond of us and her eyes light up when she sees Cate coming.

Her lunch money is still being stolen and she still hasn’t found out who is doing it – but is not really trying.


  1. How differently the Synagogues are built at different places.

  2. This one is certainly worth seeing.