Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We have a new dog

So we have a new dog. She is a German shepherd mix and is four months old. Her name is Indiana and Georgia just loves her to bits. The idea was that she would give Georgia some company and that this would take the pressure off me and stop Georgia from following me absolutely everywhere.

That is not actually so bad but Georgia has more than a few psychological problems and when I went into my study to do things she would stand in the hall outside the study and look at me - possibly reproachfully - hard to be sure.

We had not intended to get another dog until next year but Cate went to a Humane Society breakfast last Thursday and Indiana was outside on show - waiting to be adopted. Well Cate being Cate she immediately fell in love with Indiana (who was then Mosey) so we went to the Humane Society on Friday and got her.

She is a truly lovely dog and we are all as happy as clams together. Georgia is teaching her how to dig up garden beds and eat Cate’s plants. 

Of course she is a baby and is currently teething so I am covered in bite marks. And there some issues with toilet training but best if I do not talk about them here. 

I have started yoga. I have been wanting to do this for a long time but have never had the courage to drag my ancient wrinkled body to a yoga place and put it on display while I did the downward dog. 

So I have had three private lessons and will have another one in week or so when my teacher gets back from holidays. Yoga is much harder than I thought it would be and some of the positions are just about beyond me - although I have surprised myself - and my teacher. 


  1. She's lucky to have such a nice dad. One of my daughters has just taken in a rescue dog (death to all neglectful animal owners). Do not do the pretzel at yoga, I've heard it's difficult.

  2. I have been enjoying all the photographs of Indiana on FB. Good work on the yoga. I have never tried yoga but I did karate for a while in college. I can't imagine me in yoga.