Saturday, November 12, 2016

I was devastated

So I am sort of recovering from the election of the orange idiot. 

I was devastated. 

We are permanent residents although not citizens. So we do not have the rights of citizens - but I figure that as my wife pays $150,000 in taxes each year - and the president-elect has never paid any taxes ever - this gives me complaining rights.

Like most other people I did not see this coming. 

George Carlin said ‘never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups’. And he was right. In fact he was always right and he would have predicted a Trump presidency.

George had a great understanding of the fundamental ignorance of large swathes of the population. He would paint a picture of the great unwashed religious zealots and bigots in middle America and his audiences would laugh out loud at the caricatures.

But he knew that he was not talking about caricatures - he was talking about living and breathing people who had turned dumbness into an art form.

I knew that there were enormous numbers of stupid people in America - the system is designed that way. The education standards in America are appalling - the lowest in first world countries. But any system that favors the really rich needs a whole bunch of dumb grunts to actually do the work. 

And Americans are used to being conned by charlatans. This is the very nature of the society in which they live. I listen to mainstream radio each day and most commercials are designed to inveigle people to partake in the immense number in scams that are legal here.

Have a major tax debt? We can fix that. Have a bad credit score? We can fix that. Have a large debt for college tuition? We can fix that. Want to earn $100 per hour at home on your computer? Just send money and your bank account details.

So why would not those people fall for the biggest con of all time.

Now the very people who voted for Trump are going to be well and truly fucked over bigly. No the coal mines are not going to reopen. No manufacturing is not coming back to America. No the wall is not going to be built. No the Mexicans are not going to be deported. But yes - maybe 20 million people will lose their health cover. 

I really feel sad about this. They needed help and instead they have been fucked over. But I am more concerned about things other than stupid people.

Trump has the opportunity to do lasting damage to the environment. He may appoint to head the EPA a climate change denier. This nitwit will have the opportunity to do enormous and irreversible damage to our environment and to poison the future for our children and grandchildren. 

He has already caused chaos with there LGBT community and with other minorities who are regarded by many of his supporters as non-citizens - as people who should not be an integral and vital part of this country. Across the country these people are being attacked. 

I find this concept appalling. It is contrary to everything I believe, 

This is why - as a resident of this country - I will fight tooth and nail for the restoration of sanity. For the acceptance of science. For the contempt of religion zealotry. And for the preservation of the rights of the the gay and minority communities which are so much a part of what we believe America should be.  

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  1. It has been a bizarre weak week. The popular vote difference between Hillary and The Orange keeps growing as they count mail-in votes. It is now up to 570 thousand in her favor.