Friday, October 21, 2016

I just can't wait

9 November: WRONG - I never ran for President. 
Well the ribs I cooked were just awful. I had not realized that they had already been covered in rub so I could not use one of Myron’s rubs. I did not smoke them for nearly long enough and they were not the way they should have been. I suspect that were not the best quality ribs. It was not a happy experience but I shall try again later this  season.

We had been spoiled because Cate was given some ribs which had been cooked by a guy named Sherman - and they were fabulous. He guards his recipe closely and will not give to anyone. 

There is still no sign of Johnny so I am doing gardening things myself. 

It is less than three weeks to the election and it will all soon be over and the orange moron can go back to doing what he used to do. 

I have never seen anything quite like the last 12 months or so - and the debates were a sight to behold. 

I think in 200 years they will still talk about the Trumpeter as the single most dangerously unqualified person ever to run for office. I mean it is one thing to not know anything about - well - anything and to be a rampant narcissist and a frothing conspiracy theorist and a serial liar and a misogynist and a racist and a promoter of violence and a cheat and conman extraordinaire - but to combine this with more than modicum of outright hooting lunacy is a combination I do not think this country could survive. 

As it is there are millions who are now cleaning their guns and sharpening their pitchforks ready to take to the streets to massacre all those election rigging liberals on 9 November. 

Cate bought me a Hillary tee shirt and I sure as hell will not be wearing that in public anywhere in this town.

It will be - as they say - a shit show. Best to lay low for a few months or years. 

I finally changed TV providers. We had a service which was provided by satellite. This was fine unless there were storms or tornados or high winds tor heavy rain. We have a lot of that kind of stuff here so we constantly lost our service. 

I could not afford to have something like this happen on election night which I expect to be almost delicious as the night John Howard lost his seat.

I just can't wait. 

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  1. I was glad to get to cable tv instead of dish, and their internet service seems reasonable, far better than the previous things. I plan to sleep better as soon as all the election stuff is over.

    I have been working on French, first with an app called duoLingo and then also with some phrase videos on YouTube. I have never enjoyed trying to learn French until duoLingo.