Thursday, September 22, 2016

You have not seen my linen cupboard

Told her that Trump might be president
So I have sort of started my new fitness regime. 

This is supposed to involve lots of exercise but this has been hampered by the fact that I fell down the porch steps and hurt my wrist and then damaged my back doing stuff in the garden. Fortunately my head took most of the impact so there is no lasting damage. 

Cate has not let me go out of the house for days lest I frighten small children. 

But I am just about back to normal and we will be cycling this weekend. 

I am now mainly living during the day on fruit smoothies for breakfast and fruit and yoghurt for lunch. I suppose I will get accustomed to this but it may take a while. I still allow myself to have a cup of Bushells tea for breakfast and then coffee during the day. 

Georgia still has vegemite toast for breakfast and I am very envious when I put it in her bowl. I occasionally sneak a piece for two when she is not looking. 

I have a whole heap of house chores planned for winter - until it gets too cold to go outside. We are having the fence moved - again - to give Georgia more grass on which to play. Yesterday was the fence man’s fifth visit to us but he just takes it in his stride. So I have lots more fence to paint. 

In the meantime I am trying to learn some new skills. One of these is folding fitted sheets and I have studied videos online assiduously. When you watch the videos it does not seem to be that difficult but it seems that my sheets are much more obstreperous than the ones in the video. I have had no success so far so I still eventually end up scrunching the sheets into a ball and hurling them into the linen cupboard. 

You probably think this is not a problem but then you have not seen my linen cupboard. 


  1. Badger, Badger, Badger, even I can fold the fitted sheets. You must get with the program. I am now fostering a ghost dog and he would love your tree.

  2. I had already made plans for Autumn involving food. I decided that would make at least 5 kits of pumpkin bread, and each kit makes a volume of 2 loaves that are 5x9 inch pan size or whatever combination of smaller/larger. The kits of pumkin and flour mix are only available from about now through Thanksgiving, so I have purchased three so far and made a pair of loaves. Both dogs enjoy pumpkin bread, knowing they get a small piece anytime I have a slice.

    I like your 'obstreperous' word.