Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stupidest people in America?

So I did something to my back again and have been hobbling about. I don't know how I do this stuff but it probably does not take much given my vast age. We went for a 20 mile ride on Saturday and it made my back even worse - so I have been taking it easy.

We had a cursory examination of Georgia yesterday and she appears to be missing some teeth. I am sure she is healthy - and its just that she chews stones. This makes a terrifying noise when she does it and I am sure it does her teeth no good whatsoever.

So I am going to take her to the vet soon that he can tell me what’s wrong - or more accurately - if anything can be done. Now this is America so I am sure his brother will be a dog dental implant specialist and can give George a full set of gleaming white teeth made of kryptonite for about $50,000. 

I rather think Georgia may have to struggle along with the teeth she has left because even if she got new ones I am sure she would still eat stones. 

I have been watching videos about how to trim Georgia’s nails. Normally the nails are trimmed when she goes to stay with Rusty or has a grooming session - but at the moment she has nails like Freddy Krueger and causes nasty lacerations when she jumps on me - as she does frequently. 

I know what to do but it does require a modicum of cooperation from the dog and she is not willing to participate. I have managed to do one or two nails but then she loses interest big time and goes off in a huff. 

I started writing this before the Presidential debate and have since see it and absorbed the results. Hillary pretty much destroyed Donald - with a lot of his help - but I am not sure it will make much difference. 

Large numbers of Trump supporters seem to be trying out for the ‘stupidest person in America’ contest - and there is a lot of competition for this particular title.


  1. I have to discourage Pepper from jumping on me when I first walk in the house after an absence. I call him my happy hoppy dog.

    Donald constantly shows that he is lazy, unwilling to put any work into being or runnung for president.

  2. This getting old caper is a pain in the bum (literally sometimes) isn't it? I thought I was having a heart attack the other night due to excessive pain in my chest and shoulder. Eventually worked out I'd lifted the boot with my left arm instead of the right and apparently every muscle on the left side went down screaming. Thank goodness for anti-inflammatories... Hope your back gets better soon.

  3. I suggest we all start drinking heavily. Georgia included.