Thursday, March 19, 2015

Yes it is Arf frame

Victorian Cottage Kennel
My Czech spam has doubled in the last couple of months. They have probably seen that I have not bought anything and are redoubling their efforts for me to buy washing powder and pay $300 shipping charges.

Fortunately the usual spam – which disappeared for a while – is back.

If I want to I can earn $1,000 a day using my computer, learn how to win the lottery (there is apparently a trick to this) – make my fortune trading futures or hook up with a blonde Russian girl. All I have to do is click on the link . Oh I wonder what would happen?

In a moment of  absolute madness I downloaded a beta version of Photos for Mac. This is the replacement for Aperture. Amongst many other things it is supposed to upload all of my photos into iCloud. It pegged out at 2,264 – leaving 22,000 not uploaded. I have spent some hours trying to fix this – and imagine a lot more time will be needed. In the process so far I have managed to delete and recover my entire photo library.

I love the adrenaline rush which comes from discovering that your photo library is empty.

I am looking at dog houses on Amazon. We will need something for the rare occasions when Rover is in the back garden and needs a lie down.

Petsqueak Arf frame
I really like the look of the Victorian Cottage Kennel Dog House which comes in at $4,200 plus tax. I think this comes with air conditioning, Miele appliances and a Samsung 70” TV hooked up to cable.

I am thinking we will go for the Petsqueak Arf Frame Dog House for $150 – but this is one of the many decisions which Cate will have to make – along with what color bean bag Rover will need for his bed inside the house. Yes it is Arf frame.