Thursday, March 5, 2015

Like water off a duck's back

Today we are going to France.

We were advised yesterday that our original flight was cancelled - so we have been booked on later flights. I imagine these will also be cancelled – or at least delayed.

We are entirely accustomed to these events now and it is like water off a duck’s back. The only problem is that we are now going thru Chicago instead of Newark. Chicago is always a disaster – but does have a Starbucks and an Einstein’s Bagel shop every ten yards.

I never thought I would actually hang out for Starbucks but in this country it is often the only place where you can get espresso coffee. When we first arrived we went into ‘coffee’ shops – only to discover that what they used for coffee came in large tubs and was usually flavored.

On Saturday we are going to Brittany where Gaston’s parents have a house. I will brush up on the flight so that I can practice my French on the natives.

The snow has turned to ice so there is no chance of moving any of it. There is apparently lots more bad weather on the way – which we will either be hit with or miss altogether.


  1. Wishing you a safe trip, without delays!

    Should you happen upon an Einstein bagelry, please have a long look at a potato bagel and think of me. ;-)

  2. Have a great trip! Hopefully, all of this snowy weather be be gone for good when you return.

  3. Enjoy La France!
    See, multilingual...

  4. Brittany sounds interestingly atypical French. I wonder if it is close to Fécamp...No, it looks like it is two regions away.

  5. (My No comment was a reply to the spam comment asking if I needed a loan.)

  6. Merisi: Thanks. I have never seen a potato bagel. I will check it out.

    SK Waller: Thanks

    Annie: Thanks

    Keegan88: Thanks

    esb: I had some trouble finding it on the map.

    fmcgmccllc: Thanks