Friday, January 16, 2015

I left the hamburger behind

Most of Alaska looks like this
Most of the spam I get these days is in Hungarian.

It is not really spam because it is advertising real things – like washing powder and toilet paper. 

I get a number of messages every day from different people. I can’t tell whether or not the prices are any good – but I imagine the postage would be a killer. I will stick with Costco.

I guess at one stage when we were in that part of the world I gave someone my email address and they sold it to everyone in Hungary. I suppose these messages will follow me forever.

But the Thai people have stopped pursuing me. When I got the Blog of Note award I was buried for some months under an avalanche of spam – a lot of it from Thailand. This stopped a while ago – in fact when we came to America. Perhaps the spam gets caught up in the red tape of the Austrian internet system and can’t find me in America.

Which reminds me – I left that damn hamburger behind in Austria too.

But I have stopped receiving messages offering to bigger my dick. Now if I was going to offer to bigger someone’s dick – in a language I did not speak – I would probably spend a few dollars to get an accurate translation.

I don’t know about other people but receiving a message like that does not inspire me with confidence. In fact I know that the sender is a conman – and one who does not speak English. But look – the world being the way it is – people probably send money and are surprised when their dick is not biggered.

I got an email message today telling me to get moving on Twitter because Oprah Winfrey has 26,416,117 followers. I just cannot begin to imagine what she could possibly say in Twitter bursts that could induce that many people to follow her. Perhaps I will have to follow her to find out. Or perhaps not.

I notice in the New York Times today that 2014 was the hottest year ever recorded. Don’t look for that piece of news on Fox – because it will not be reported.  Anyway I looked out my window – there is snow on the ground – so much for global warming.


  1. There is more important news for fox to report...

  2. I saw the school bus Satan star thing on Facebook today and thought: the star is about at the same height as the seats in the bus, so they could have had a headline like "School Bus Butts Sat On Satan Lightly" hahahahaha

  3. Your picture of Most of Alaska indicates that it is veRy V shaped. I s'ppose that is true, as mountains look like ^^^^^ and salmon look like ><>.

  4. lenny: Satan appears in many ways in the USA. Some think he lives in the White House.

    Esb: You should be a sub editor making up headlines.