Tuesday, January 27, 2015

An office temp with a bad attitude

I have had so much to do I have not had time to blog.

Also I have been transfixed by our Prime Mister who gave an Australian award to the Duke of Edinburgh. I thought someone was pulling my leg when I first heard about it – but it is true.

It is impossible to explain the inappropriateness and unadulterated awfulness of this to a non-Australian - so I will not try.

It will suffice to say that Tony Abbott has cemented his place in history as a brainless, steaming, honking plonker of epic proportions.

In the meantime Cate is still plowing along on the walk thing. She had to do a stress test to get a medical certificate and sign a form saying if she dropped dead it was her own fault – which of course it is.

She is going to fundraise for the David Sheldrick Trust which looks after elephants – as far as I can see mainly orphaned ones – of which there are many.

National Geographic says that poachers have killed 100,000 elephants in the last three years.

Whenever I see stuff like this  I am reminded of the late great George Carlin.

He said something like:

‘Look around you and see what is happening in the world. Does this look like the work of a supreme being. To me it looks more like the work of an office temp with a bad attitude.’


  1. Raising money for elephants is a veRy good thing. I wonder if Mr Snuffleupagus needs help?

  2. esb: I am suggesting this name for Cate's page.

  3. That is a staggering number.

    Not everyone has a working brain. And I seem to meet a lot of the non working ones.

  4. The whole knight/dame thing is a joke...worse than the "Nobel Peace Prize*"

    Who cares...It's like getting a "Best Improver" award ... No-one cares but the underachieving parents.

    As for the elephants...Good on her.

    *may be awarded to presidents waging war :)

  5. fmcgmccllc: There are many more than there should be.

    Keegan88: The award things is nonsense and should have been allowed to die. Abbott is an idiot.