Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's all about bacon

Lenny and I have been corresponding about bacon – which seems to be a national obsession in America. In Australia you can buy bacon. Here you can buy about a million different types of bacon of all types and sizes and colors and flavors.

Lenny sent me an article from Bacon Today. I though he was winding me up but it appears there really is a site of that name which focuses on all things bacon.

There are many fascinating things on this site. I am particularly taken with the bacon latte – but the prize taker is the bacon alarm clock found by Lenny. What genius thought of this?  A modern day Leonardo da Vinci lives with us.

There are so many fascinating things happening in Washington they keep me riveted to the TV. I just cannot wait to see what happens next. It is a bit like Game of Thrones except everyone is plotting to NOT make things happen. Happily I have been able to distance myself from the almighty train wreck which is taking place.

In the real world I have heated things up for dinner for the last few days and am about to start cooking again. I have found recipes for the “world’s best lasagna” and the “best meatballs” I have never made either of these things and am looking forward to messing about in the kitchen again.

And I just updated my Mac with Yosemite. I can now not find anything but will conduct a diligent search for the things I really need. I know they are there somewhere.


  1. The person who invented the bacon cooking alarm clock was a contestant on the teleBision show "Shark Tank". I seem to recall that he was not successful in persuading any of the panel to back him.

    1. I tried split pea soup yesterday for the first time and liked it, but then added Italian sausage to make it fantastic. I cook up Italian sausage and then use it on several pizzas over the next several days. Pizza and soups are my main meals at home with an occasional steak.

  2. Make the meatballs, by all means. But lasagna is a lot of work, with the meat and cheese sauces plus pasta.

  3. esb: I can imagine that. I like the sound of the soup - I will try it.

    Annie: Well - I do have all day!