Friday, August 22, 2014

Why do they make those bags?

Turns out our holiday house in Brisbane did not have wifi so we lost touch with the world for a while. But we did have a fabulous time.

We saw Lenny and Carmenchita and the new baby Yossarian. We also saw the dogs Lenny and Bandit. Lenny bit me as he usually does - this is his way of greeting me - before we became best friends again.

We stayed in a hotel in the Rocks in Sydney with a fabulous view of the harbour. We had our own balcony over the harbour and could have gone fishing if we had been so disposed but we found it more profitable to sit in the sun and drink something cold and wet.

Cate was concerned about the room because there were marks in the carpet indicating that at some stage the room had a coffee table. Cate told reception that she would like it back but they could not find it. I am not sure they tried very hard.

A month or so ago we bought a Tumi backpack which had a PC pouch which folded out so that - so Tumi said - we would not have to take our PCs out of our backpack when we went through security. We first got to test this hypothesis when we were leaving Sydney to fly to Brisbane.

The man said that we had to take our PC out of the bag. Cate - who likes to argue with security people - and I am not sure why because she cannot possibly win - said that it was a special bag in which you could leave your PC. Security man was unmoved and said that the man on the monitor could not examine the PC if it was in a bag.

Cate asked them why - in that case - did they make the bags.

The perfect response from security man was "I don't know love - I am not in marketing.


  1. Hilarious on the part of the baggage inspector. Glad you are back.

  2. Almost back. Arrive 27 August.

  3. Good to hear you had a jolly good time all around!
    Cate's right, of course, but when was the last time that was the criteria to success? ;-)