Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's not immediately obvious

We have already decided to go back to the Great Smoky Mountains and are planning a trip for next year with our Australian friends Merv and Madge.

There is lots to do there and we will also visit Nashville and take in the Grand Ole Opry. Merv is a big country music fan and dresses mostly like Garth Brooks.

Madge has developed the ability to filter out country music – and most of what Merv says to her.

I am not sure if I mentioned that we are going to Australia next week. Cate for one week and me for two weeks.

The horrifying prospect for Cate is that she will have to deal with the kitty litter – and feeding and watering the cats. Cate will only go near the kitty litter wearing full Hazmat gear and carrying a whip and a chair.

I know that when I am not here she survives mainly on vegemite toast so on the weekend I will make her a batch of chili and a pot of sausage and bean stew. I hope this will give her strength to open tins – empty litter – and give Monika her Whisker Lickin’s every nite.

She will get no peace until she does this.

I am sure the Purina people had a reason for putting the apostrophe where they did. It is not immediately obvious. Perhaps it was composed by the person who did this sign. 
Give me libety or give me deth


  1. Maybe that sign was reaLLy meant to say, "Libet Yor (inner) Tranny" and the ? was an implied I need a spel chek pleeze.

  2. I've just been teaching an Achievement Standard where the kid has to combine 2 verbal elements and 2 visual elements to develop an idea. You've done it, Badger!

    Enjoy your time back in Oz, neighbour.

  3. libety or tranny? I love it. seems like you're takin' to the south real fast ;) seriously though, do a little side trip to sewanee if you can - beautiful campus, nice hikes, have dinner at pearl's ;) have a good trip to australia!

  4. esb: That is a long bow - but you may be right.

    Alexia: I am always trying to educate people. Thanks.

    TNDW: Yes we just love the south and the GSM - and we will visit those places.

  5. Do you know why I had to laugh out loud when I saw your photograph of the Appalachian Trail sign?

    Good thing Cat was with you: Hiking the Appalachian Trail ;-)