Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The skills of a Sugar Glider

Ugly but effective cat barrier 
I have spent and extraordinary amount of time over the last few days on the problem of cat containment. The pigeon spikes failed spectacularly – I then tried wooden baffles which did not live up to their name and did not baffle the cats at all.

Well – they did baffle Sissi - but Monika has proved herself to be the Vasco da Gama of the household and simply dug her little claws in and climbed over the top of them.

After much thought I decided to use wire shelving – on the basis that Monika would not have anything to hang on to and thus would be unable to penetrate this cunning barrier.

This proved to be true and the new fence totally bamboozled her.

So she did the only other thing she could do – and leapt into space from what I thought were parts of the deck that were simply too high for this sort of exercise.

Well they certainly are for Sissi – but Monika possesses the skills of a Sugar Glider and sailed to earth. This caused great panic and I had to chase her around the garden for a while to try to capture her.

Eventually she panicked and tried to get back in over the gate – but of course my impenetrable barriers prevented this and even greater panic ensued.  

My options now are:

Put wire shelving all round the deck. It would look ghastly.

Build up the deck all around to the same height. This would look stupid.

Put netting around the deck. This would look even more ghastly.

Strangle the cats – not out of the question.

Come up with something completely different.

I am now investigating electric fencing – they make special ones for cats. The cats wear collars and get a warning noise and then a very mild shock if they venture too far.

I am investigating and will report.


  1. I have heard of pets getting out of the electric fence and then afraid to come back in due to the shock. Is the deck large enough for a screened "Room" for you and the cats to relax in, would help with the pesky skeeters too. Or enlarge the deck so it is big enough for the screened room.

  2. We got those collars for our dogs and ran the electrical cable around the 1.25cres of our property which was a pain in the butt BUT it did work and it has kept them safe and sound in our property since. Given they were getting out 2 or 3 times a day - we were extremely grateful. And despite the sales lady telling us it would probably take a couple of weeks for them to learn where they could (and couldn't go) - within 2 days they had worked it out and happily play within the 1m zone of the boundary fences - if they here the alarm, they are quick to back out before they get zapped. It works a real treat.
    Good luck !

  3. Do they make shock collars for wives? Oh, I am going to erase this ...

  4. fmcgmccllc: Yes it could be problem. I think we will just have to tough it out without barriers.

    Me: I just don't trust Monika. If she sees another cat she will jump any barrier.

    esbboston: No - but they mask them for husbands.