Thursday, July 17, 2014

He could be Prime Minister

Bohusland Sweden
Life is very busy at the moment.

First we have the Tour de France which is on from 8-12 in the morning US time. And now the British Open has started. This goes from 8-3.

In my spare time I have to shop, cook, wash, iron, garden, erect cat barriers and paint the deck. This barely leaves time for lazing about on the deck in the sun with the cats.

I have recovered from the Lance Lying Bastard Armstrong affair and am now confident that the Tour is as clean as it ever will be.

Certainly Aussie Cadel Evans was clean when he won in 2011 – anyone raised on Vegemite does not need drugs.

The LLBA thing knocked me about for a while as I had spent years defending him from the accusations of the French.

Turns out they were right all along. I recently read ‘Cycle of Lies’ which is the definitive account of LLBA’s sordid history of lies, treachery, character assassination, misogyny  and bullying.

He could be the Australian Prime Minister.

The garden lady finished her work today. My only job now is to keep them alive. I have bought extra soaker hoses and sprinklers.

I may bring them all indoors this winter if we are going to have another one like last year.


  1. I finaLLy got my pineapple plantation moved outside yesterday after making it home from South Dakota. It appears that the oldest plant is just about gone at the end of its cycle, so I have dipped down to single digits with only 9 plants, so I guess it's time to start another. I had given one away as a birthday present right before my trip.

  2. esb: Do they live inside all winter and just go outside in summer?

    1. Yes, there is migration from indoors to out in June usuaLLy then back indoors at the beginning of September, depending on the forecast.

  3. That is a lot of sports watching.

  4. fmcgmccllc: It would be if I could get to do it - but that rarely happens.