Friday, May 31, 2013

We are blessed

We have been in a bit of a funk recently from living in this tiny apartment and with both us and the cats suffering from cabin fever. We also could not find out about our sea freight delivery and the thought of another month here made us quite mournful.

However – today we heard that our furniture has arrived in Indianapolis. This is a good sign and may mean that it is only a few days – or possibly a week – away. (nearness does not guarantee early deliveryness). This means that this may be our last weekend in the apartment. We are blessed!

So blessed that I have the strength to blog again.

In other exciting news I now have an Indiana driver’s license. I made a mess of the parallel parking but the examiner was  cat person – and we discussed her cats at length – so she forgave this indiscretion.

Cate still does not have a social security number so still does not exist.

Our new bed was delivered to the new house yesterday. This is a king size bed as the cats simply did not have enough room on the old one and also thought that the mattress was too soft for them. There will be room on this bed for us all to comingle without having to battle for every inch of space.

We are turning the second bedroom which – shudder - does not have a bathroom - into a dressing room for Cate.  Our new mate Mike is at the house as we speak and is up to his ears in carpentry.

Mike and I went to the hardware store on Wednesday and bought all the supplies and shelving and he is working to a plan that I drew up. I am hopeful that he will not stick to this too closely so that we may get something serviceable.

The good news is that I can now have the smaller walk-in closet and will finally have enough hanging space. I will no longer have to keep most of my clothes in plastic bags under the bed. I expect to find some things I have not seen for some time and I also expect that they will have shrunk.


  1. Great news! Slow and steady progress is better than no progress!

  2. Be careful, Badger. The adjective "blessed" is Xian jargon, and the locals are likely to claim you as one of them, with all the appaling consequences that might follow. I'm surprised that we didn't get a word from you about the Indy500...

  3. Badger: Merisi and you will surely appreciate this cat/coffee image [click] from Kazuki Yamamoto. Maybe we might call it a cattuccino.

  4. Every woman needs a dressing room, good for Cate. If you are nice perhaps she will allow you a SB chair. I hope you get your camera soon.

  5. SK Waller: Each day we inch a little closer to Hoosier-dom.

    William: Thanks for the advice. I will report on the Indy 500.

    esb: See Annie's comments

    Annie: Exactly

    William: Cattucino is perfect

    esb: Exactly

    fmcgmccllc: There will be certainly be a SB chair - in my study.

  6. @ William:
    Creating landscapes of coffee foam sounds like painting crocheted shirt cuffs!

  7. maybe ditch the job and return to Aus mate... seems simpler?

  8. simon: No - we are up for the challenge!

  9. So glad your furniture is a little closer to being delivered - at least you know it didn't get lost at sea (my biggest fear when we moved !!!)
    Have the best week !