Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I might just write a check

Wednesday is ‘social security number’ day when we trundle along to North Pennsylvania street and sit like stunned mullets for a few hours before throwing ourselves on the mercy of someone who is not interested in our problems and does not give a rat’s arse that we are trying to buy a house and desperately need a number.

Still – if it is no worse than the Austrian system – and the system in the US Consulate in Vienna – which are both ghastly - I will not complain.

If things go according to plan (joke!) we will be able to go back on Thursday and get our numbers.

Meanwhile I went to Trader Joe’s and bought some Italian blend coffee. I hope this is better that the stuff we are drinking at the moment.

Oh – and my debit card works. It’s a miracle.

Soon I might write a check to see what that is like. I shall do it at Kroger.


  1. Good luck with getting 'your number' - I wonder how many countries manage to survive without them ???????
    Have the best day !

  2. I am old enough to remember when you got your cancelled check back in neat stacks which you had to keep forever just in case, assembling ricks and ricks of them over the years.

    Btw, I remember picking up my number was no hassle at all at the DC branch. May it be the same for you!
    Good luck and time for celebrating whatever else happens to occur today!!!!!

  3. We had to pay our roofer by check and I had no idea where we would keep them. I remember a few years you would give people the check but not fill it out, then attach the receipt to it. You could also pay over the phone with the check numbers. What a wild life.

  4. We cannot buy wine in Trader Joe's in Tennessee. We are a backwards state (in more ways than one) and to buy wine or the hard stuff, you have to go to a liquor store. Beer is in a different store or in the grocery store, except where I live because there are too many Southern Baptists and Wal-Mart bows to them and does not carry beer.
    My recent dealings with the Soc Sec office was wonderful, really!! I turn 65 in 24 hours and am now Medicare eligible. Applying was easy, fast, and the people helpful and friendly!! Wishing you the same.

  5. Me: Well you sure can't get by without one here.

    Merisi: We had no problems apart from not getting number - and thanks.

    fmcgmccllc: I simply cannot imagine using one.

    Mary Anne Rudolph: Our people were also very friendly and helpful - better than in Vienna.

  6. @ Mary Ann Rudolph:
    Oh, I have experience with no-liquor both in Montgomery County (MD) and DC. Thankfully, Virginia and alcohol at the grocery store's but a drive over a Potomac bridge away. ;-)

    Happy Birthday!