Thursday, April 18, 2013

We have our own ducks

We are in Burgundy in a place called Semur en Auxois which is a beautiful village about an hour’s drive from Dijon.

I still have my cold and Cate finally got it as well so our activities have been curtailed somewhat. We have spent a lot of time in pharmacies seeking drugs for our ailments.

Our house is very special and is on the river. It has it’s own weir with water cascading down to the river – and we have our own ducks. They come twice a day to be fed.

So far we have seen some abbeys and castles. These normally tend to bring me out in a rash but were in fact quite fine.

On Tuesday night we went up for an hour in a hot air balloon. This has been a dream for John for sometime – and a nightmare for me. It was quite terrifying but we survived the experience.

I have been using my French which is not quite as good as it used to be – particularly in pharmacies – but we have managed to make ourselves understood. John is much better at it.


  1. We saw several ducks today on the medical trip to AmariLLo but it took too long at the doctor's office so we rushed home without stopping to spend time up close. My father-in-law said he would like the white one. It would go good with his dogs, cats and goats, something else for his neighbors to complain about. But it was windy and cold today too, maybe neXt time. I needed to get home to tend to Cooper. Your place in France looks delightful, I went to the wikipedia link, have to find some other sites with more pictures. We are just dealing with too many tragedies here lately, with the bombing in Boston and then the explosion in West TX.

  2. Not a bad place to hang around and feel poorly.
    I embiggened those photos and noticed the teeny tiny new leaves on the trees.