Thursday, April 25, 2013

They are open every day

We did not see as much of Burgundy as we would have liked. There were a few days when Cate and I were so ill we could not leave the house. But we had a really nice time with the Hendersons – who have now left us and are in New York.

After five years of faithful service the garage in recent days has thrown a complete wobbly. On Sunday when we got back from Burgundy the door would not open and I had to park in the street.

The door was not fixed until the early afternoon - by which time I had received a parking fine of €36.

Today we were supposed to drive to the skin doctor but the garage hoist was kaput. This meant two taxi fares totaling €45.

Billy on the other hand has not missed a beat in more than 4 years and I will miss him when he goes back to Ducky Pharma on Monday. I hope his new owners appreciate him as much as we did.

I am still aimlessly wandering about trying to sort out what should go in the air shipment – which is picked up on Friday morning. This should be a straight forward process but seems to have discombobulated both Cate and I who together have accumulated only about half our allowance.

What are we missing?

I am starting to throw random things such as egg cups and wooden spatulas into the boxes – not because I think they will be useful – but because they may be a source of comfort when we get there and discover what we have forgotten.

Never mind – there are a lot of stores in Indianapolis – and – unlike in Vienna - they are open EVERY day.


  1. Yes, the stores are open every day and some from early morning until late at night. I have heard of people grocery shopping at midnight.

  2. By now the airfreight has left. I hope you've discovered only a couple of can't live without things that are small enough to travel with you.

    We had 28C today - absolute bliss for this time of year.

    Am thinking of you both...

  3. Hope it continues to all come together for your move !
    Have the best day you can.

  4. fmcgmccllc: That sounds like a nice quiet time to shop. I may try it.

    Anne: Thanks Annie.

    Me: Thanks