Friday, August 3, 2012

The blind men have been

Viennese sunset

The blinds in the studies are upstairs are falling apart.  These are important as we have five large skylights which allow in large amounts of Viennese sunlight – and the rooms get very hot indeed.

So hot that in our first year we had to buy and install portable air conditioners as this was the only way we could use the rooms in summer. But some of the blinds have been falling to pieces for some time. I have tried patching them up with gaffer tape but this gets so hot it just peels off.

We thought we would try and get new blinds.

Those of you who are regular readers know that there is a vast chasm in this apartment between wanting and getting.

The blind men first came to look at the problem about six months ago – and nothing happened.

Just recently two more blinds turned up their toes and develop tears and holes – I am not surprised they seem to be made of some sort of papery substance - so we had another go.

After being harassed by Rozalin – and missing two appointments – the blind men came again last week. They looked at the problem and asked  if we would like new blinds.

I said that would be nice.

One of the blinds had been pulled right out and could not be rewound – this happened while we were away – perhaps the cats did it. I asked the blind men if they could do something about this and they said sure - and reached up and tore it off. Not exactly what I had in mind.

I have had to cut up an old sheet and stick this is over the skylight to stop the blazing sun from melting me. It’s an interesting aesthetic effect.

We are not anticipating an early result.

But on a happy note - the air conditioning men came last week – unexpectedly – and beavered away putting new woggles in all the units. The last of the cardboard has now been removed and we now have a cardboard-free system.

And – miraculously – everything is working just fine – even on the hottest days. It took us four years to get to this happy state.


  1. If it took four years to get the AC fixed then I am glad you didn't move at 3.95 years. New woggles can be good and last longer than waggles, but not as long as wiggles, just due to the implied motiony sounding warm fuzzy-ness of the word. I am taking a break from fixing a window unit AC, hopefuLLy I have the leak repaired. The client needs to get back to making baby things in her shop, she has her first grand baby due soon. She is a very dear long term friend.

  2. Gorgeous sunset!

    Are there blind blind men at work???

  3. You make me a touch, just a tiny touch, sad at no longer having Shemps. You are aware you jinxed yourself by proclaiming the wellness of things.

  4. esb: It looks like we don't need you to come to fix our AC. But you are welcome to visit.

    Merisi: They may as well be.

    fmcgmccllc: I feel very confident about this!