Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I can prove we are better

Another sunset

Australia is not faring as well as was hoped at the Olympics and there is much soul searching going on back home. No doubt we will have an enquiry after the Games and will discover the bleeding obvious – that compared with other highly developed countries – Australia invests almost nothing in sport.

Great Britain – on the other hand – is having a bumper Olympics and winning everything in sight. GBR has so far won 21 gold medals to Australia’s 2.

However – by the judicious use of statistics I can demonstrate that Australia is out-performing Great Britain.

If we allocate three points for a gold medal, two points for a silver and one for a bronze – and benchmark the total against the relative populations of both countries - we see that Great Britain has 1.52 points per million of population.

Australia has clearly outperformed them with a figure of 1.77 points per million of population. This is 16% better!

This clearly demonstrates the superiority of Australia athletes over their British counterparts.

If the figures do move in Britain’s favour I am sure I can think of another way to show how much better we are.

Incidentally – The Kiwis come out at 3.4 points per million – twice the figures for Australia – but I am not going to mention that in this blog.

Favourite moments from the Olympics so far:

In the Long Jump the Australian in silver medal position lines up for his jump. He settles – lifts his left foot to start his run……camera cuts to the sidelines where GB competitor is untangling himself from a wedgie. It dwells on him for a long time as he rearranges himself – them moves on to the next jumper. 


  1. I like your mathemagical abilities. Were you ever a banker? If not, you missed your caLLing. I could have used you to *help* another younger banker-ette during this previous last two months.

  2. That camera man knows how to drive a wedge into couch potatoes. ;-)

    Every time I watch an Olympic event, a British athlete wins. I am beginning to feel like going to London and shout "Ich bin ein Brite!".

    Btw, did you notice the outfits the German athletes were wearing during the opening ceremonies? Ever seen more adorable baby-pinks and powder-blues? Willy Bogner must have a mid-life crisis of sorts. ;-)

  3. I think you should mention the Kiwi figures, Badger!

  4. esb: I was a Director of a bank - which means I did not have to add anything up.

    Merisi: The Spaniards are pretty special too!

    Alexia: Oh alright - I will

  5. lovin the olympics posts badger. i think GB went a bit crackers. the more i think about it, i'm glad i escaped the madness!