Monday, June 4, 2012

My first contribution is the Bunny

Bunny at Belvedere

Cate is safely ensconced in  Shanghai in her hotel and her room overlooks the Yangtze river. She says Shanghai looks interesting but is polluted. No surprises there.

Before leaving she went through the first two boxes of books and there were few survivors. Naturally – seeing all these books for the first time in a long time – we want to read them all again – but just know this is not going to happen - so Cate is being absolutely ruthless.

I think that almost everything will go and we will be left with just Cate’s kindergarten crayon work, her high school text books – and all her university essays.

I have always been fascinated by clouds and cloud shapes and spend a lot of time gazing at them. I have now discovered that there is something called The Cloud Appreciation Society which has turned cloud gazing into an art form.

There are some fabulous photos on their website – and of course people specialise in taking photos of clouds that resemble things in the real world.

My first contribution is the Bunny. This was taken at Belvedere last week. Well you have to start somewhere!


  1. I too love cloud shapes almost as much as I love watching them race across the sky. Tell Cate the only thing worth buying in Shanghai is pearls if you know enough about them and tea. Jade is good but is iffy if you are not savvy. Hate getting rid of books.

  2. the bunny photo is AWESOME! (i also love clouds)

  3. I love the bunny. I think it is a very worthy first contribution :)

  4. fmcgmccllc: Fortunately she has no time to shop so cannot get caught.

    angiv: Thanks

    KP: I am very proud of it

  5. Being a math guy, I saw a Greater Than sign.


    Yes, bunny, too.

  6. yes I have something called a cloud with my new asus eee pad transformer prime with icecream sandwich and honey comb applications...( what ever all that means!)

  7. Nothing like cloud watching to pass the time. I usually see the interesting ones when I'm driving in the car and nowhere to pull over. I'll have to join the Cloud Appreciation Society, thanks.

  8. esb: I am sure there are lots of math symbols in the sky

    simon: Does it look ilk e bunny?

    Sandy: There are some fascinating pics on the CAS website

    Shirlee...What no bunny?

  9. LOve it!! i'm w/ you on the clouds. my favorite skies are full of nifty clouds. storm clouds are great as well, as long as i'm not in the path of severe weather, of course!

    and i think i need to take a leaflet from cate & get to cleaning out my book bins. : )

  10. CarrieMarie: Yes I love storm clouds too - from a distance