Thursday, June 21, 2012

It is really very pretty

Apart from the rocky beaches - Cyprus in general looks like a landscape project where the builders ran out of money and could only buy half the plants.

It is a very rugged and stark landscape punctuated by dry and dusty towns and villages - and so very different from the lush green of Austria.

But don’t get me wrong – it is very pretty in its own unique way – and we liked it a lot. 

I mean after all we come from Australia which is about 90% desert so can’t complain about a few bare patches here and there in other countries.

Apparently there is one beach in Cyprus that has real sand – which they imported from somewhere. But the lack of sand doesn’t bother the punters who all sit on chairs anyway.

I was astonished by the number of people lying in the broiling sun getting burnt. Clearly there are many people who do not understand what the sun can do to skin.

In Australia we are trained about this from an early age but I guess people from Europe who go to Cyprus and other very hot places for holidays just don’t understand.

Anyway – Cate gets back on Friday but goes to the USA next week to visit head office in Peoria. I have decided not to go on this occasion as there is already too much excitement in my life.


  1. Ah, no 'Badger In The USA Tour'?

    I read some about Cyprus after your first story. I tried to find some mapping, and had to settle for Googled Dearth and Wikipedia articles. So the island has a split personality with Turkey as weLL as British military bases. I saw that it has been the center for copper mining since ancient times, and that the name Cyprus may have a 'copper' meaning, it strongly resembles the 'cuprous' adjective. People have been there a very long time, so that probably eXplains the lack of trees.

  2. Isn't Cyprus the island where the Phoenicians got the wood for their "Purple Fleet" after the Egyptians stole all the "Cedars of Lebanon"?

  3. I've seen many a well cooked tourist in South Africa too :)

  4. esb: There is as much chance of the two parts of Cyprus being united as there is of peace in the middle east.

    Merisi: Or maybe the goats ate them

    Roly Clu: Yes I can well imagine

  5. I think there wiLL always be piece in the Middle East.