Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time to Speak Out!

November 18th is the day to Speak Out against domestic violence and as a long time follower of the wonderful Wanderlust I agreed a long time ago to link to her blog to support this event.

One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. That is way too many. The aim of this event is to bring awareness to the cause and encourage victims to speak out and seek help.

Kristen has a compelling story to tell about her own experiences and the work she has been doing to help others - so please have a look at her blog and the work she is doing.


  1. 日本でも家庭内暴力が蔓延しつつあります。

  2. Badger - thanks so much for posting today and supporting this initiative. One in four women is way, way too many. You're a gem.

    I think that's basically what Michiko said, too, no?

  3. Yep, not right, thanks for saying so.

  4. I used Google Translate with Michiko's Japanese message, it seems to work fairly well, just copy and paste.

    Domestic violence is becoming more prevalent in Japan. It has to feel you are related to depression and social phenomenon in Japan. I have lost the lives of children so.

  5. michiko: Yes thanks for supporting this.

    Wanderlust: This is the least I could do for someone who has worked so hard on this.

    fmcgmccllc: Ta

    esbboston: You are a true gem.

  6. Violence against women is unforgivable. Home is where we all should feel safe. And, even faced with violence, it's hard to break up the 'home' and speak out. But well worth it.

    Well done to those who have had that strength. And all power to future sufferers.

    Thanks Wanderlust for you initiative :-)