Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Kerry-Ann

Happy birthday to Kerry-Ann. I missed her birthday (I told her Mr Telekom slept in and the phones weren’t working) so rang her two days late.

The furniture arrived at 1.30 on Monday and I just this moment finished the last of it. I have suffered a significant loss of blood and am wearing a number of bandaids. There was a minor glitch when I put the doors upside down on three cabinets – trust Cate to spot a minor detail like this. Fortunately I had to disassemble only one of them completely to rectify this problem. It took me some time to spot the deliberate error made on the plans of the chest of drawers. There are two rows of drawers and the drawer numbers on the plan are reversed – but only on the top row – cunning eh! This would annihilate people with logical minds but I have the brain of a pixie so twigged in about – oh – three hours. They must laugh themselves sick in Aalborg or wherever they make this stuff.

One thing that bothers me is that when you count the bits at the start to make sure they are all there – they are usually all there. When I finally come to use the last screw (F) – there is no final screw (F). Where do they go. Why do they always give you the exact number? Because they know that you will drop one and it will fall down a crack between the floor and the wall and you will spend 40 minutes with a paper clip trying to dig it out. I always have some little round wooden rods left over – I have quite a collection of these now.

I am not making the next bit up. Another pair of Cate’s shoes blew to pieces on Saturday when we were going downtown to Interio. She left with a reasonable pair of shoes – and arrived home in shoes that had no heels and no soles. It was a bit embarrassing in Interio and I walked behind her to pick up some of the larger chunks of stuff that fell off. I have taken photos and will post these as soon as a can find the thingy I need to get photos from the camera to the computer. I have a slot on the computer but very small creatures moved in during the trip to Wien and I am reluctant to evict them because without a Meldezettel they will get the (F) screw in Wien. Update - see the evidence!

My reference to President George Bush yesterday prompted a visit to my blog by the US State Department so I am no doubt on a watch list and will be arrested next time I go to the USA. If Sarah is President by then she will probably dress me as a moose and shoot me.

Great news. Austria Telekom’s grandmother has died and a computer glitch wiped the entire TA internet waiting list going back to 1998. Mr Telekom is coming on Monday to connect Cate. I think it is one of the earlier steam driven models but nevertheless it will be a major step forward. Yes this is the connection that Cate was hoping to have installed on 3 September. I have arranged catering and have ordered a jumping castle for the kids so if you are in Am Heumarkt please join in the fun.

And her Blackberry? I hear you ask. We we are trying to get an earlier model configured so that Cate can use it but this has so far been beyond the resources of the local people. We are arranging to have it sent to some techies at MIT to see if they can help out - and we may call in NASA.

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