Wednesday, March 8, 2017

You should do it with some style.

I have been having a few eye problems which have slowed me down a bit but my sight does not seem to be getting any worse so I expect it will clear up. I am seeing the doc in another couple of weeks. 

But I can do everything apart from read or write very well - and this is not a huge burden given that there is not much one would want to read these days in this country because it is mainly bad news followed by worse news. 

However the appalling daily news is inevitably punctuated by insane tweets by the orange dickhead in the oval office. These are exponentially flabbergasting and I just wonder where he can go next. I think he jumped the shark with the ‘Obama bugged me’ tweets so I think he must be just about done. 

Although he does seem to get all of his news from Breitbart and Alex Jones and the other masses of unhinged people on the far right  - so we may get a rerun of ‘Obama was a a male prostitute before he became President’. 

Cate has been accepted in a program in Morocco where she will go to build schools and stuff like that for a couple of weeks - in late May. 

I was not aware that Cate had any skills at all in the area of construction but she may surprise us all. We have been wanting to go to Morocco for a long time so she will take a week at the end of her work so we can take a trip in the desert.  

I am taking photography lessons. I have had a DSLR camera for many years and have only ever taken photos on full automatic. I decided that it was probably about time to actually start taking decent photos. 

I have learned about the exposure triangle and am taking lots of photos of apples. I am well pleased with some of them.

A man from somewhere comes to Indianapolis every couple of months to sell Four’N Twenty meat pies. These were invented in the town in Australia in which I was born - two years after I was born. 

I have no idea how this local pie things happens but they are delicious pies and remind me of home. So I have been getting stuck in to them while Cate has been in China and Japan. 

I am playing chess weekly with my mate David. I had no idea there was someone on the planet who played chess as badly as I do so we are a match made in heaven. In honor of this auspicious event I have purchased a new hand carved board and pieces. 

Even when you play as badly as we do you should do it with some style.  


  1. Kia ora, Badger. Nice to see you back. Your last post (!) was a little worrying, as was the title of the 'ghost post', which never actually materialised. I hope you had a great time away and didn't have to stay in Newark a second longer than necessary.

    I am not even going to mention the orange dickwit.

    I am excited on your behalf that you are going to Morocco! It was somewhere I had always wanted to visit, and 18 months ago I finally got to spend 2 weeks there. It is an extremely interesting place to go - and yes, you MUST do the desert thing, camel ride etc. You can stay in luxury tents if that appeals. They postponed our camel ride, which was scheduled for 2.00 pm, because the temperature was 38C, and instead we had it in the early evening, which was brilliant. Nothing like riding on a real camel across the dunes of the Sahara desert at dusk. Magic.

    Your 7th paragraph describes me exactly - photography lessons were top of my to-do list when I retired, which is now 2 years ago. I could plead that such things are hard to find in a small rural town, which is true. But it is back at the top of my list, and I do live only 45 minutes' drive from an actual city. So your example prompts and inspires me to do something about it!!

    Sorry about all of this - it is not so much a 'Comment' as an essay. And I haven't forgotten that your eyes aren't working properly. I do hope that an answer is found for that soon, and that you will be back to reading etc as usual.

    Enjoy your chess. As a player, I have never managed to be more than mediocre.

  2. I just had another look at your photos from Morocco. It never occurred to me that you were not a seasoned photographer because I have always thought they were so good. You will be brilliant if you have lessons. In chess I aspire to be mediocre.

    1. Thanks for the nice comments. The camera does it, not me!

  3. My ex-husband taught me to play chess in the first year of our marriage. I beat him after the first game and he refused to play again. Maybe I should take up chess in my retirement, now I'm an Old Age Pensioner...

  4. So we could play online? It's lots of fun.

    1. Wow, look at us old fogies, getting hip with the www. Hips out of whack more like it...