Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Apple wants me to have a good time

We stayed in the Snow Hotel in Kirkenes which is just about at the end of  the earth. It was quite a fascinating experience as it is entirely constructed of ice and snow and the beds are made of ice but with mats on top of them on which you sleep – in sleeping bags.

It is -4° in the hotel so one needs to keep very warm - or die.

If one does need to answer a call of nature during the night the toilets are quite a distance away along a path covered with snow. I did not need to undertake this perilous voyage.

As  it usually does – my iPhone calendar had deleted all my travel details as soon as I left on our trip so I had no electronic record of flights and hotels or travel.

I do not appear to have iCloud working as well as I should.

In anticipation of this – as it has happened before -  I had printed out hard copies of everything – so was well prepared.

When I got back to Vienna I discovered that my iCal had planned a big year/century for me.

A ‘new event’ had been created for every day for every year for as far ahead as I could see. Now there was no telling what the events were  - I had to fill in the details – but Apple clearly want me to have a good time – forever.

What nice people they are.

Now if I could just work out how to keep my exciting events in my calendar I would be even happier.


  1. Your description of my home country have confirmed my every memory of why I left... Thank you! I'm no longer homesick for -20C, frozen nasal hair, isnanely expensive food and drink and closed cities. And villages where dancing is prohibited during religious holidays (Lutheran), though perhaps encouraged during Muslim ones? Can't remember specifics about the latter.

  2. I see your problem with iCloud: you didn't get the iSnow and iCe software upgrade. Both packages are bundled in the iSlush, but this version is only sold in South American countries who don't recognize computers that have been to the Falkland Islands.

  3. Wow, I've read about this hotel. Did you have to actually pay to stay there? I would have gone in and taken pictures and then run for my life. Hey, at least your iPhone (kind of) works in a foreign country. My EVO won't work in Oz.

  4. midgetviking: We couldn't find any Norwegians working in Norway - every restaurant worker is Swedish. I don't think the Norwegians like it there much for the reasons you have outlines so succinctly.

    esb: Damn it you are right again - I will get it on our next holiday. Meanwhile there is an App called iCrap.

    Wanderlust: Oh yes - and an enormous amount of money. The phone world but it is too expensive to make calls so I used it to keep my hands warm.

  5. Wow - a hotel made of ice - and a bed made of ice - gives new meaning to the term frigid !!!!! It definitely wouldn't be the place for me - I die (well nearly) when the temps get down to 10 or 11 on the Gold Coast !!!

    Maybe I shouldn't be thinking about changing to the iPhone given all the iTroubles you have while travelling with it and right now my life is full enough without Apple deciding to add a few events for me !!!

    Have another fantastic day travelling.

  6. I need more info on the hotel, I find the whole idea fascinating. I read about it once and always wondered.

  7. Veräppeln -
    German for "pulling somebody's leg"

    My love-affair with the iCal was short-lived.
    In pencil and paper I trust.

  8. I've always been too terrified to stay in an ice hotel. Afraid a chunk of ice will come loose and bash out my brains while I'm sleeping.

    And with that, I'll leave you to your thoughts.

  9. Me: It's not the phone it's me. You don't get cold if you dress properly

    fmcgmccllc: I will give you the links

    smedette: Can't fall down - can only melt. Proven eskimo technology