Friday, October 28, 2011

Sissi likes Gouda

Cycling through Holland - Badger at the rear in red

At the moment Sissi’s favourite cheese is Grana Padano. She just loves it and as soon as I start slicing it for my world famous Rucola and Grana Padano salad she goes berserk.

Last night I tried her on Gouda and she loves the aged one which Gwenyth bought. It will be interesting to she if she likes the flavoured ones that Cate and I acquired – particularly the nettle one.

If so this will be a big help as I am finding the mountain of cheese in the kitchen a bit disturbing and may have to hide some in the basement until we can all – Sissi included – make some progress.

One day when we were in Amsterdam we visited Delft by train and naturally we went to the Delft shop to look at the pottery.

We had intended to buy a small piece as a memento but in fact fell in love with a very old, large jar that was made in 1889 - and on which the dog had been broken off the lid - and been stuck back on. You can hardly notice it unless you actually look at the lid.

It was not really very expensive – and will never be worth very much because it has been repaired – but we love the idea that it has already been around for so long and we know when it was made and who painted it. (P.L. Dijkman)

So we bought it and have put it in what we hope will be a Sissi-proof part of the house – but she is a very resourceful cat so who knows.

The Schanigarten vanished while we were away – and this for us always signals the start of winter. Daylight savings ends on Sunday so it is firewood time – or what passes for firewood in this household – and this year I am not risking my ribs so Jules my firewood man is going to have to do all the work himself.

The time before last when we were away Mrs. Moneypenny was also away so we had to rely on Jules to look after the cats.

Well he succeeded to the extent that they did not die - but the apartment was a shambles – he changed the wiring on the TV and stereo and changed all the settings on the air conditioning. There was cat food everywhere and the litter tray had not been emptied properly.

My friend Yum Cha – who also called in when we were away – said that there was evidence that young women (shriek!) were being entertained here. Heavens!

So – unsurprisingly – Jules was more interested in shagging his girlfriend in a penthouse apartment than feeding the cats – so Mrs. Moneypenny gave him a good talking to - and we expect better results in the future. There is  no reason he cannot do both – with diligence the cats only take about half an hour a day.

But he is going to have to move a lot of faux-wood to get back into my good books.


  1. Hate to ask, it seems so forward, but I would love to pics of the crystal and the jar. Those are also the things I would be drawn to. I took care of Punkin Head's cats for a few days and the only problem I had was letting them fool me into how often the were actually supposed to be fed. Although they did the same to Punkin Head, The Lady would feed them and leave for work, they would gobble up the food and cry for more when he got up. They had to start leaving cat food notes on the counter.

  2. What? No picture of the far for us to admire? A text description is not enough. I need a visual.

  3. Jar! I mean jar picture. But you knew that I'm sure...

  4. The year 1889 is one of my favorite years. I use it to (try to) remember how old things & events are in history relative to the statehood of South Dakota.

  5. fmcgmcclic; They are a bit like that. But if you give them two meals a day they are happy. I will give you pics.

    Wanderlust: Ok pics on the way.

    esbboston: Yes an excellent reminder. I will look at it daily and remind myself of my own fragility.

  6. I tried to check your photos just now to see if you had any bicycle barge trip ones uploaded yet, but it just gives me an error message, maybe their system is down (?)

  7. esbboston: Picasa takes it away occasionally for dusting. It comes back in a day or two.

  8. Okay, thanks for the eXplanation, I just wanted you to be aware that something was amiss (a mess?), non-functional on your website. It is a 404 error message, which means "can't find your stuff at the website requested". I didn't know if it was a problem on my end (iPad) because I didn't have a PC at my current location to test, as I ran into another video problem on someone else's web site that seemed to be iPad related.

  9. ha. naughty naughty jules!
    p.s. you can always send any unwanted cheese my way ;)